Intel Core i7 to be Launched Soon

For people looking for more power than their traditional processors, here is something to watch out for. Intel has announced that it is set to unveil a new and powerful processor in the person of the Intel Core i7, focusing largely on companies and enterprise solutions that require high specs in their ever-growing need for systems and automation.

This will definitely be something to watch as most companies often look at the market for latest processors a step better than the traditional ones we have in the market today. Some have turned to dual processors to maintain their level of competency in computing but it will all reach one point where servers that have to be up and about for the requirements of most companies today have to be taken care of.

The hardware requirements for these servers and desktops are growing rapidly and a lot has to do with the level of technicality that most developed programs are coming out with. With new features, demands and reports required for business efficiency, this has been a recurring trend to which we can see occasional upgrades on the part of business and computer users.

Intel is all set to launch high-end desktops powered by the Intel Core i7 processor, next month. This was disclosed by Kirk B. Skaugen, Vice President, Digital Enterprise Group, General Manager, Server Platforms Group, in the Digital Enterprise Keynote: IA = Embedded + Dynamic, during the recently held Intel Developer Forum (IDF).


PCs are Just a Spec Behind

When you buy a new PC, it doesn’t always have to be the new on in the market. In fact, for a lower price, you can check out the specifications of some computers, perhaps a year back and still continue better performance than your current PC. That is why for some, it would be best to ask on whether you are buying a new PC for use or for boasting purposes only.

Actually if you think of it, the initial purpose of buying a new PC is to really get better performance. But how do you define performance? We tend to overdo it at times especially when we ask the shark vendors who are plainly concerned about selling their inventory. Of course, they will offer you the latest PC specs in the market and with it comes a sale on their behalf. But as far as performance is concerned, it is nowhere within the context of your discussion since “brand new” is synonymous to powerful specs.

But for the wise PC buyers, new computers don’t necessarily mean getting the new one in the market. Other than being costly, the generation of PCs before them are still powerful and may also be sufficient enough as far as power requirements are concerned. The best part of it is that they cost less, perhaps 25% cheaper than what they were when they originally hit the market.

With the new specs, the same would happen within the year. It is a trend and for people who want great buys, check out that PC being offered after a few months. You will save a lot and get the same specs that can really heed your needs.

Computers Speed up Medical Exams

Technology has its way of speeding up medical results and providing accurate diagnostics. We see them in most healthcare institutions and one would be amazed at how an exam like a mammography exam can be instantaneously expected to provide results and not wait for a couple of days.

But what specs to computers need to align themselves with medical breakthroughs? Normally, it depends on what exam or section in the hospital would be using it. Laboratories for one do not really make use of high-end computers since it is more of computations and calculations of exams through programs. Software is usually DOS based and we have yet to see an advanced way of providing results; that is if it is needed.

Radiology sections however make use of higher computer specs mainly because they deal with imaging. Aside from storage load, the on-screen resolution must be accurate with the actual films that they use. CT Scan Machines, Mammography and Ultrasound machines make use of computers with higher specifications and one can just imagine the resolution requirements needed.

So if today you get results in a hurry, thank technology and medicine for their partnership. This development has opened a wide array of results that make it possible to identify diseases before they get out of hand. The earlier they are detected, the better and that is perhaps where technology helps a lot in saving lives.

Gamer Extreme XI Launched

For the computer geeks that are looking for powerful PCs, look no further. CyberPower has unveiled its latest gaming desktop PC called Gamer Extreme XI to adhere towards the growing demand of higher computer specifications for games that are being sold in the market. Just check out these specs and drool with envy:

Powered by 4.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 quad-core processor, the system ensures its ability to play the most graphically intense computer games and high-end multimedia applications that includes HD video encoding or photo editing, retouching, and publishing


Now along with higher specs comes with higher prices. The Gamer Extreme XI has been priced at a hefty $4,939 and carries a three year warranty. To the avid gamer, it may be too much but idealistically, if you want something with promise these days, you have to really spend.

Some would turn to upgrading by part, but if you sum it all up in the end, you will be surprised at the total price which may even go over the suggested retail price of gaming PCs sold in bundles.

So why go through the trouble if you can get it all in one package. The gaming world is growing and so are the requirements. If you really want to enjoy trouble free gaming, look no further. The Gaming Extreme XI is there for you to own.

Could Computers have Melamine Too?

Computers normally originate from Taiwan but that is perhaps only borders away from China. China, a country now famous for scandals such as recalls and melamine infestation, may also be tagged as contributors to technology. Why? Food is certainly one of the leading products that China has been criticized over the past months but lately it has also extended towards cosmetics. With that in mind, could technology be not far behind?

The thought seems crazy but you would never know how anyone could suddenly associate melamine or any confounded product would make its way towards threatening lives. Computer rays? Radiation emissions? Any one of these factors can be easily associated with scientific discoveries and for sure, people today have become cautious on health especially when Chinese characters are concerned.

It does sound crazy for now. Computers are far from being China’s cup of tea. But when it comes to parts outsourcing, you never know when China would join the computer market. It can happen given time.

Computer parts can likewise be associated to mercury, a waste product that comes from improper disposal of used up computers. Mercury has thus far not been among the controversial elements that have made up China’s list of foul ups. But given these issues, it is only a matter of time before China or any other country like Taiwan may be associated with it.

Consumers Should Thank the Computer Age

Right now, both the melamine scare and the fluctuating stock prices have overlooked one aspect, the technological aspect. For sure, we all know that if it were not for computers, how could anyone get the faster way of tracing these dreaded melamine contaminants or even monitor the current prices of stocks that are changing by the second.

Computers have been long responsible for these benefits and apparently most people are forgetting it. Could it be because they are too occupied waiting for results? Perhaps that could be acceptable. But if they are wise, they would note that such technology is something that made all of these things possible. In fact, if you look at it, you may even say that without computers, who knows when they could find out results that can make a difference to life.

Today, it is apparent that each person needs information in the fastest way possible. Computers aid them in doing so. But one thing you don’t hear is how they are able to get results and who makes it all happen.

PCs have changed the way we analyze things. It has been that since its inception. But before we go moaning about the problems that beseech us, let us not forget that computers are the main reason for making us advanced today. If only computers had the power to change these issues today, maybe they would get the recognition that they do receive. But that would be asking too much!

All I Want for Christmas is a NEW PC

The holiday season is just around the corner and for sure, many of us are thinking of what to get ourselves. If you are fortunate to have some people to give you costly gifts then good for you. A new computer perhaps?

Considering that the holidays are the time where people get their bonuses and 13th month pay, who knows if you could we lucky enough to get a new CPU that is available in the market? There is no harm in wishing right?

Well for some, there are people who rewards themselves with potential enhancements to their current computer line which include latest peripherals in the market like high powered video cards or even a larger hard disk storage device. It’s the least you can ask for after toiling with that old computer and chances are you will not settle for anything less.

If you are wondering what suitable high technology Christmas gift to get or ask, maybe you can choose from this list:

1. A Intel Core Duo Processor
2. At least a 512 MB Video Card
3. New Tower Casing
4. A LCD monitor
5. Dual Channel Memory Chips
6. A DVD Writer

The things you may want can certainly vary. But depending on what you need, expect more peripherals to hit the market before the Yuletide season officially starts. So if you can wait a bit, then see what else you can expect to be offered in the market by December. Save up for it since it is bound to cost you.

Add the Green Consideration in Buying a New PC

When you are in the market for a new computer, perhaps you could include among your requirements green issues like perhaps the materials to which they are made of and energy saving features that is currently among the top points that people are being encouraged to do. We are all aware that going green has been added to the fray and while many PC manufacturers claim that they adhere to such eco-friendly policies, it would be best to decide on your own on what it really means to be green.

One thing you can be assured of is that you get the best performance as well. Power saving features has to be the leading indicator of being green which is closely followed by use of other resources from perhaps recycled materials or adhering towards policies governing proper waste and reusable resources. While these are a given, it is obvious that the main point that a PC buyer would have is simply to get a PC that can function normally and according to their needs.

The real deal on why PC buyers should place emphasis on energy consumption may not be realized immediately. For one, energy consumption can really save a lot as far as bills and finances are concerned. A computer is seen as the lesser consuming gadget anywhere. But if you could get a PC that can save you a bit, you may be surprised at the impact that it may have in the long run when finances come into play.

Memory Chips Cannot Always Solve the Problem

We all know that the more memory chips you have, the better your computer will perform. We see people buying computers with practically 1 gig of memory installed in them, hoping that their computer speed will be more the sufficient to satisfy their requirements. But this does not always follow.

For one thing, some people forget, you cannot tweak or cheat your way out of computer philosophies. One overlooked component will eventually take its toll. For example, a lower processor will still have a bearing. You will encounter faster processes but insofar as overall computer performance is concerned, it still remains that your computer can only do so much to render the proper capability it was designed for.

Hence, more memory will not always certify a computer to perform in the same way high-processor capacity computers are expected to be. There will only be a small difference and that may not necessarily be acceptable for some. Normally, it may eventually lead to an entire upgrade as people have a high demand with regards to computer processes to which some processors falter in terms of computer load.

So while you are thinking the memory chips are enough, computer philosophy and programming says otherwise. It is at this point that if you become wary of investing in computers, then do not expect to get optimal performance as you would expect. You just have to shell out cash to be able to get better performing peripherals today.

Is Your PC Purely for Gaming?

These days, owning a PC is not purely for business purposes. While we all know that most people are buying computers for studies or word processing requirements, they have also been considered to appease kids who look towards them for playing games that require specific requirements such as higher video cards and large storage space.

It does seem like a waste for most but for people who want to keep their kids at home and away from vices, such is a price that is more than enough to consider. Besides, it is a matter of priorities. Improving the specs a little bit can still satisfy the need to have these personal computers be used for official ways such as documents and spreadsheets for work or school.

As far as getting more expensive hardware for a customizable PC, it is really a logical price to pay. Computers have always been known to provide entertainment and if games are something that they are keenly interested to be kept away from harm, then by all means parents should think beyond the box.

Cost is something most PC buyers will ponder upon. But while that is a given, it would be best to see which benefits and downfalls such an investment would make. As far as raising children and keeping them busy at home is concerned, buying a new PC with specialized specs is indeed something worthy parents will acknowledge not now, but in the future.