Match Your Work with your PC Specs

Why do you need a PC? Well there are a lot of reasons and they would normally play around actual purpose for wanting one. Among the leading reasons would be for word processing or worksheet reports. Today, it has gone as far as programming and graphics designing. Hence, for each purpose, a particular kind of PC is needed. And normally, considering the cost of getting one these days, a PC buyer is expected to audit each spec to the letter.

It is really logical. Like for one, why get a PC that will not be able to meet your actual system requirements. A lot of it has to do with the software and programs you will be using. Some softwares need certain specs, normally higher than the conventional PC. And while that is a given, you cannot help but consider on how to be a step ahead as far as minimum system requirements are concerned. If you invest in a PC, might as well think long-term.

Some may call this approach as unconventional. Why buy a PC that is totally beyond what you need? It is really a case to case basis. Some people just want a powerful PC while others are fine with the competitive priced ones.

However in the end, depending on the PC you really need, it all boils down to the funds allocation you have for investing in one. It doesn’t really matter that much but the point of it all is that you have to get a PC that can aid you in work or in play.

All I Want for Christmas is a NEW PC

The holiday season is just around the corner and for sure, many of us are thinking of what to get ourselves. If you are fortunate to have some people to give you costly gifts then good for you. A new computer perhaps?

Considering that the holidays are the time where people get their bonuses and 13th month pay, who knows if you could we lucky enough to get a new CPU that is available in the market? There is no harm in wishing right?

Well for some, there are people who rewards themselves with potential enhancements to their current computer line which include latest peripherals in the market like high powered video cards or even a larger hard disk storage device. It’s the least you can ask for after toiling with that old computer and chances are you will not settle for anything less.

If you are wondering what suitable high technology Christmas gift to get or ask, maybe you can choose from this list:

1. A Intel Core Duo Processor
2. At least a 512 MB Video Card
3. New Tower Casing
4. A LCD monitor
5. Dual Channel Memory Chips
6. A DVD Writer

The things you may want can certainly vary. But depending on what you need, expect more peripherals to hit the market before the Yuletide season officially starts. So if you can wait a bit, then see what else you can expect to be offered in the market by December. Save up for it since it is bound to cost you.

Check out Computer Packages after a Month

Technology means fast evolution of parts and this includes introduction of new parts and peripherals that are far better than initially offered parts. Hence, the issue of knowing when to buy and when to wait is something most seasoned computer buyers normally get used to. Observe and you will see that people normally wait a month to a year before they consider buying a new computer part of an entire PC for that matter.

Why is that? For one, the value of a certain computer part depreciates fast. Unlike the traditional depreciation methods of assets, computers depreciate faster. For example, if a car depreciates according to the number of years, computers and parts may as well be seen to depreciate faster in a couple of months. You can see the price discrepancies and how the demand for them increases over time. There is simply a big difference.

PC parts come in all shapes and sizes and while that is true, you can bet that a new PC only retains its overall value for a couple of days. The next thing you know a new part like a video card or memory chip will be available in the market possessing higher value and demand. That is how fast the technological evolution process takes place.

Hence, the wise PC buyer would normally buy one after a couple of months when he notices a significant drop in prices. It may be a hard task especially for the enthusiastic PC buyer but you can just imagine at how much savings he can get by waiting just a little bit.

Check Software before Buying Hardware

Most of the time, when you PC slows down, chances are you would blame it to obsolete hardware and parts. While that may be a possibility, it is likewise possible as well that your computer may be taking up too much load or even contaminated with a virus or spyware. So before you count the bucks on how much that new desktop is going to cost, try and consider checking first software components before making a final call to upgrade your computer.

The easiest way is to really buy a new computer. Especially if you have the funds for it, then why not? But at times, you have to be practical when upgrading, especially if your computer is not that out of date. Some people have a computer for just about a year and yet they conclude that a new one is in order which may not be that conventional considering computers and peripherals change fast thanks to technology developments.

For others who are not as keen on changing computers as frequent, this is a good alternative. In fact you can find some useful scanners and analyzers online such as that of:

1. Yahoo Anti-Spy
2. Panda Online Scanner

These two softwares are apparently overlooked. Normally, it would be best to get the whole package. But if you are on the crossroads of deciding on what to do with that slowpoke computer then perhaps it would be best to consider these analyzers before making any hasty decisions. The difference can be totally significant and easier on the pocket.

A Matter of E-Cycling Your Old Desktop

One thing we hear these days is what to do with an old computer. We can always donate it to charity or perhaps sell them at a much cheaper price. It is easy to buy a new computer set whenever we want. It is really disposing the old one that is a growing problem.

Unlike traditional things which we can just throw in a waste can, e-waste or electronic waste is something that has been a growing issue. It is not as easy as the normal object. There are a lot to consider including toxins and chemicals of parts that were made to assemble a computer as a whole. While there are various measures being offered locally, it remains that people should wise up and do their part as far as knowing how to get rid of an old computer. Some stock it up for use of other parts but the economical way is to have someone else use it, assuming that it is still functional.

The growing rate of old computers is as fast as new ones coming out in the market. It is apparent that we have to figure out where to put old computers before replacing them. While we are all going agog over what specs to place in that new desktop, try to figure out how you can make room for a new one. Don’t be drawn to that circle of ecstatic expectations. Address the disposal issue and then dream of that new desktop you always wanted.

Upgrading Incrementally and Wisely Today

Wise spenders include the people who invest largely in their computers. Unlike years way back, a person could easily change any computer peripheral when they buy it separately. But considering prices are not that consumer friendly these days, you have to control that urge and wait for the right time to really change a computer part. In short, living in today’s world needs wise spending including changing computer parts which go at the rate that technology is changing.

Apparently this can be seen at how frequent people are now getting when it comes to upgrading or changing a specific part. Making do with what they have in the form of processors, video cards and hard disks will have to do for the meantime. Gone are the luxury days when a new product would be introduced in the market where a computer owner can just take out the old one and install the new as easily as its plug and play feature.

But the cost of these peripherals is no longer easy to suffice. A mere hundred dollar worth of computer part can be used for another more needed cause. Evidently, wising up to the finance set forth today is a must and people should know better than to spend them unwisely. In short, computers can wait but needs cannot.

Think of it this way. Computers are better off bought as a whole. Part by part you will still get to the point where you will get the same parts in the end. So why spend now when you can get them more advanced later.

Powerful Computer Specs is a Strong Word

Computers today come in all packages and apparently one thing that we have noticed is that many are exaggerated. Vendors use specs such as the higher capacity MB ram or Gigabyte storages to capture the attention of most people today and a lot of the so-called “power credentials” are suddenly forgotten. In short, you may call these tags as overrated and they vanish faster than the first time they were offered in the market.

Remember as well that proven belief that computers evolve fast these days. So when you see these so-called “power packaged” computers consider as well how long they would last. I have seen a lot of people fall for these sucker packages and that is quite pathetic if you don’t know much about computers. The funny thing is that they boast of these stuff only to find out in the end that a new computer has come out with a notch above their current computer setup. In fact, at the rate that technology comes out with new computers these days, you may assume that it only takes about perhaps seconds before a new technology offering is discovered.

To most, this claim may be overstated. But that is the reality of summing up everything that goes on in the computer world today. One computer spec, no matter how latest it is, may eventually be passé as fast as well.

So as far as claiming you have the latest computer available in the market today, check again tomorrow. Perhaps you may want to retract that claim.

Specifications that Carry Marketing Inclinations

Drop by the nearest computer shop and you are bound to notice that they offer packages that carry various computer titles to sum up everything as far as hardware is concerned. What may be striking is that some shops go as far as tagging them as “Multimedia Desktops” or “Gaming Desktops”.

While pondering it, I figured on whether it makes a difference. Apparently they are not aimed at the techie people today. They are made to entice buyers who simple look for computers to suit their needs. Kids, teenagers and the professionals who think highly of these marketing promotions fall for such gimmicks. However, if you compare it with the common geek, you will be surprised that he would know which parts to throw in and perhaps come up with a greater capacity computer than what computer vendors are offering in the market.

But that is business. You have to employ marketing strategies to carry a profit. Apparently some people are biting while others are not. Making a computer package is not easy but if you allow the computer vendors to do it for you, rest assured that there is one part that is bound to be of low quality.

We all base it on brand and part number. Some people think that this is wise. But remember that in world today, generics are roaming around. While you think that your processor is perhaps authentic, you may be surprised that it may be a class B part which can easily deceive you. Just be careful and if possible, have a friend who knows about computers help you out.

Studying the PC Upgrade Options

For sure, most of us will not be content with the current PC configuration that we have. Depending on the length of time that we have had our personal computers, we are bound to want more in terms of speed and features of personal computers offered in the market. But the real question is what in particular do we look for?

There are a lot of options we can think of today. Ranging from processor chips, memory modules and video cards, it may seem that the possibilities are endless. But considering that these upgrades carry costs, it would be wise to determine what you really need. There are some who go for overkill specs and traditionally these would not be put to full use. Some only need a computer for word processing or browsing the web. So how sophisticated of a specification would you need?

Others tend to be drawn into tempting sales talks from PC vendors. For example, you would seek a certain specs and the usual thing you would hear is for an extra couple of bucks, you can get this higher version. Some do it to help a buyer decide and get more value for their money while others just want a better sale. When these factors set in, you are bound to go for the higher priced and supposed higher specs.

But in the end, it all depends on you. You are the buyer and depending on your sound judgment, it will be you who will be paying for it. Think wisely and broadly and work on a budget.

Aching to Get that Dual Processor Chip

If you have been using an old but reliable Pentium IV chip for the past 5 years, chances are you may be fine with it. But you cannot discount the fact that sometimes you want to know the difference when it comes to performance of using a dual processor chip, most of which is available in the market today.

But the problem is financing it. No thanks to the rising costs and the lack of funds, all you can do is read on reviews and try to earn as much as possible. You will get there but if you think of it, would there be something new in the market once you get to finally buy it?

It thus lies on a choice between gambling and identifying why you would want a new processor chip in hand. For most, it comes with work and practicality to be able to use advanced software and tasks that your computer is being used for. Remember that the system requirements of most software today are growing and unless you are able to shift and upgrade to higher PC requirements, you may find yourself trying to make do with your current setup and live with the level of competency you can do while you are saving up for a new CPU at the most.

For sure that dream dual processor is within reach. It’s just timing and knowing when you can be able to finally purchase it. Who knows if by tomorrow you can get one? Anything is possible. It is the waiting that really sucks.