Don’t Forget to Clean the Outer PC Casing

People could care less about how their computer would look after some time. As long as it is functioning, they could care less of how it appears on the outside. But for PCs that find themselves in offices, tidiness is something that they would want to consider since at times, it would be a bit awry to see your computer turning yellowish and gathering dust due to lack of cleaning.

Surely, this is the job of the maintenance personnel or the maids. But at times, you have to consider that such a small piece of cleaning job can be done by you. There are computer cleaner solutions in the market you can use. Some use alcohol but that is not advisable. It does clean those darkened portions but after a few days, don’t be surprised to see that cleaned part turning yellow.

A lot of that is because of the reaction towards the chemical ingredients inside alcohols. That is why even if people are apprehensive in buying specified computer cleaners that is one reason since alcohol is not really mean to clean computers and external coverings.

Some use rugs that are moist but normally, it does not clean the portions properly. You can rub and rub on those surfaces all you want but in the end, you may find your efforts going for naught.

Computer Cleaning solutions don’t cost that much. Try and buy them at times to avoid seeing your computer look like a dilapidating piece of machine.

Expect the PC to Unveil its own Eco-Friendly Model

Much has been said these days about the play of Apple to unveil a green Mac made from recycled and renewable resources. While that is a vision that is being followed by the Apple brand, don’t be surprised if the PC follows suit. It is a trend that is not really surprising and should the PC desktop decide to unveil its own version, expect it to be in the limelight in the same way that Apple is at the moment.

If you think of it, we are getting some teasers from computer parts leading towards eco-friendly PCs. They may not be significant for now as the attention is not yet that fever-pitched. Energy saving and use of recycled casings are being mentioned in the past months but to this day, we haven’t seen a complete eco-friendly PC package.

But now that competition has started to heat up, expect Intel and PC manufacturers to work feverishly to release its first eco-friendly PC that comes in one complete package and become a preference for consumers who are addicted to technology and its peripherals.

Lastly, the certification and explanation on what makes them green will be needed. The lack of proper definition of a green PC has been evident and while we all know that energy consumption is a given, it should be properly stressed at which levels. The same goes for parts that come from eco-friendly resources which is often a marketing tag to attract consumer attention.

Patch Up the Opened Back Slots of your PC

There will be cases where you may overdo it as far as wanting more peripherals installed on your motherboard as much as possible. In fact, you can fill up those slots as much as you can. But the problem starts to creep in when you feel that some parts are installed but not used. The normal thing a PC user would do is remove them but what about the slots or the holes that they would leave.

Normally, cases have a patched back where slots are opened without any provisions for patching them up. This is dangerous since rats or other forms of dust and objects may make their way into your computer. In the case of rats, if they should piss or bite some wires, you can expect some PC malfunctions to occur and that is entirely something uncomfortable.

As a precaution, it would be wise to perhaps tape them for now. Or better yet, if you can get hold of perfect fitted metal plates to shut them from intrusion of any sort, then the better. Some desktop manufacturers have this provision while others have the remove and then install only options. Maybe if you ask a friend or a technician who may have these metal blockers, then you can ask it from them since they usually throw them away if not used.

You may call it as a form of making your PC open to potential threats. Do not wait for it to happen. Use tape for now but if you can get good metal blocker plates, the better it is for you and your PC.

All I Want for Christmas is a NEW PC

The holiday season is just around the corner and for sure, many of us are thinking of what to get ourselves. If you are fortunate to have some people to give you costly gifts then good for you. A new computer perhaps?

Considering that the holidays are the time where people get their bonuses and 13th month pay, who knows if you could we lucky enough to get a new CPU that is available in the market? There is no harm in wishing right?

Well for some, there are people who rewards themselves with potential enhancements to their current computer line which include latest peripherals in the market like high powered video cards or even a larger hard disk storage device. It’s the least you can ask for after toiling with that old computer and chances are you will not settle for anything less.

If you are wondering what suitable high technology Christmas gift to get or ask, maybe you can choose from this list:

1. A Intel Core Duo Processor
2. At least a 512 MB Video Card
3. New Tower Casing
4. A LCD monitor
5. Dual Channel Memory Chips
6. A DVD Writer

The things you may want can certainly vary. But depending on what you need, expect more peripherals to hit the market before the Yuletide season officially starts. So if you can wait a bit, then see what else you can expect to be offered in the market by December. Save up for it since it is bound to cost you.

Cover Up Open Slots of your Casing

At times, you may find yourself with openings at the back of your computer case mainly caused by the supposed placement of PCI card peripherals which you eventually decide to remove due to one reason or another. While that is not a problem as far as preference is concerned, usual casings do not have provisions to which you can easily patch up that open hole unless you have the screwable blockers to avoid issues such as dust and rodents.

Small as they may, insects such as cockroaches and rats can make their way into the desktop. Once they do find their way into your CPU, you can imagine the problems that they may cause such as:

1. Gnaw on wires
2. Leave a trail of waste that may affect chips and diodes
3. Short your entire CPU like power and other necessary operations that can hamper it from functioning properly.

But while you don’t have to buy the usual blockage parts that are not normally available since people rarely buy them, you can always use the traditional style of using tape to block them off. Rodent intrusion is a problem and you can just imagine what they can do. The only time you can perhaps check if any damage would be done may be when you hear some weird noise or worse, smell something foul.

It may not be a big issue but safeguarding the operating environment of your PC is important. One strand of tape can make all the difference.

When Will Desktops Have Eco-Friendly Packaging?

There has been so much fuss about providing alternative packaging for laptops these days. Among them included the news that HP has changed its usual cardboard packaging into trendy and classy bags that may pass for good storage when they are mobile. While the overall packaging for shipping them in numbers may still require the use of cardboard, consumer selling will no longer need the issue of using cardboard boxes whenever a potential customer buys them.

HP and Walmart are trying to tackle the problem by shipping several laptops in the same (small) box. The laptops come in their protective bags and not a cardboard box. Not only this pollutes less, but it probably saves a lot of storage room and probably money too.


So while the global warming issue on laptops may have been solved, what about the bulkier desktop and monitor cases wherein a lot of cardboard resources are used whenever a buyer gets one of them from the computer shop? Surely a clothing bag may not be enough to accommodate such peripherals and based on what type of ideal packaging may be resorted to, this area has not been resolved or even seems to be in the process of being resolved.

Indeed, it may take some time and among the alternatives being done today is shrinking the size of new desktops to miniature ones that are supposedly to save on space. While buying one may be a one time deal only, some have turned to using recycled cardboards. But what happens to them after unpacking the computer merchandise?

Maybe a rebate program or reward for turning in the old boxes? There are a lot of possibilities. We just have to see them put into play.

When Thinner Becomes a Problem

If you think the smaller and thinner desktops are a distinction to have then you better consider the aftermath as well. Computers and gadgets can break down to and if a certain part such a chip or diode suddenly gets fried, be ready with your cash to have it repaired. Sure there will be the usual warranty stuff but in some rare cases, you will be surprised that these would not be covered by the warranty for the advanced desktop you purchased. Bummer as it may seem, that is a reality.

The probability of experiencing such a mishap is remote but you cannot discount it from happening. It may stem from accidentally means or through improper handling especially when you move it from one place to another. Overuse is another area for consideration as room temperature levels may play a vital role in determining how long such a device can hold.

There is no doubt most gadgets are becoming thinner these days and apparently it will all come to a point where we all love them due to space considerations. But the technology for manufacturing these things does not come cheap and today, there is no telling to what extent these things may result in. You just have to be ready in case they go beyond the traditional repairs by authorized service centers.

This is not to scare most innovative seeking consumers. It is a warning that with technology comes a price tag on it. You have to be ready for it or your PC will lay around inoperable. And this is something you don’t want to see, especially after spending a fortune!

PC Tablets Invading the Desktop Demands

The trend in the market today as far as buying computers is going miniature. We have seen the introduction of new miniature desktops to which the demand for them is getting higher. But should this be a cause for alarm for most desktop manufacturers? Apparently there is a difference but what are the chances that the traditional desktop user would turn towards these compact computers for a change?

The answer lies on where a computer would be used and who will actually use it. For example, in the modern offices of today, it is highly unlikely you will see the traditional employee working with tablet PCs. Also, for the hardworking programmers and developers, the use of desktops is still the way to go considering that they need visualization and better control when creating programs.

The same holds true for graphics designers who are sure to prefer desktops when creating images. In all, it all boils down to use and power of the PC. Tablets can be used for navigation or perhaps entertainment. They are not designed for professional undertaking and that is something we all know. While we cannot discount tablet PCs from advancing through the years, who knows how modern computing will be by that time?

Hence, PC tablets should not even be considered by the modern IT personnel for professional use. The best that they can offer is migration of finished documents or presentation files for easy handling. But when it comes to actual work, desktops are still the bet for working wiser.

Are the Eco-friendly Computers for Real?

In the age where eco-friendliness is in the air, computers are doing their part as well to apply that branding thought to make them attractive to the target market. Some claim that certain computers are energy efficient, made of recyclable materials or perhaps come in eco-packaging. But sum it all up and you see a computer that is still the same as the normal ones we see in the market.

This is not to generalize. Going eco-friendly is quite broad and for all you know, packaging computers in eco-friendly cardboards can already put them in the category of eco-friendliness. In business, they are wise. Adding that tag to entice customer attention is not as complicated or costly. Marketing is all about playing with the minds and attracting customers.

In short, eco-friendly businesses do not really go green completely. Remember that cost is something that they are petrified and shifting to such will include conversions and further adjustments to adhere towards green standards.

There will be of course eco-friendly agencies to certify these computer manufacturers. Some have likened it to being ISO certified. But perhaps one thing we should take note of would be the category to which green certification is given. Unless the details are given to the consumers as well, there is no basis to determine how green their product truly is.

I still have my doubts on eco-friendly areas for concern. Apparently all we need to do is to be better acquainted with green standards and certification.

eMachines offers New Desktop Solutions

Whether you are at work or at home, eMachines seems to have something in store for you. Recently, eMachines has introduced a new line of desktop PCs which include entertainment and productivity applications that heed the needs of most PC users today.

Computers are a daily need and depending on the nature of using them, eMachines seems to have them covered. These desktop solutions are paired with a 17” LCD monitor along with a 15-in-1 memory card reader that allows users to interface for the need to upload photos, videos and music files.

It all boils down to budget. High-end computers do not come cheap and apparently most PC solution seekers today command a high degree of requirements on a limited budget. That is not an easy task. You have to pay the price for technology and apparently eMachines have been trying to work on these constraints to appease its market.

We have seen a lot of new innovations in the PC world and some sacrifice some benefits and peripherals for the sake of getting at least close to their required specs that can serve their needs. For most people today, this dilemma is only normal and getting the right computer at the right speed seems to be a toss up when you want a perfect computer within your grasp.

“Choosing the right computer to best fit your needs and budget can be daunting, especially for students heading away from home,” said Glenn Jystad, senior manager for eMachines desktops, in a statement. “These new eMachines desktop PCs offer a range of performance levels and features that not only meet the computing needs of students and families, but offer attractive prices that will appeal to today’s budget conscious consumers.”

(Source) TMC Net