Tiny Compressors for Better PC Cooling to be launched

The temperature levels in most computers today have a significant impact on a PC’s performance. We know of the usual auxiliary fans required to serve as added ventilation but in some cases, the proper cooling for these chips are not enough. Cooling is important and while the fans are trying hard to negate the rising heat levels from using internal chips and processors, Purdue University has reportedly developed a tiny refrigeration system that will surely help a lot as far as CPU temperature levels is concerned.

This is indeed a welcome development considering that many people are forever relying on additional cooling systems for their CPU or laptops.

“Traditionally, you use a fan to blow air on a chip — room temperature air,” said Garimella. “If I could push chilled air onto the chip, then I get a lot more cooling.” The devices are designed to dramatically increase the amount of heat that can be removed from a computer, he added.

The system pumps refrigerants through tiny compressors and tubing. The technology could be integrated into a microprocessor, or it could replace a computer’s traditional air-cooled heat sink.

The new cooling technique will probably be used first in gaming systems and then in high-end laptops, Garimella projected.


Once this gets out, we can see better enhancements towards our current crop of CPU and cooling issues that seem to continue to haunt us when it comes to identifying the right temperature to assist CPU performance. Purdue professor Suresh Garimela even opened the doors for smaller computers which will garner the nod of people who love to embrace technology and its fruits as they come.

Vanity Table with Built-in LCD and Desktop Computer

We all know that everyone is going compact or mobile these days but despite the run made by modern technology, you have to look at retro designs a bit and see what they have to offer. Apparently, you will not be the type to use vanities as a means of serving as your computer storage but when you integrate and LCD monitor into it along with a standard desktop computer, eyes are bound to roll!

While most people are talking about how to modernize homes with the usual computer table designs, the Vanity PC design is something traditional PC users are bound to love. Why? For one thing, it blends well with contemporary and modern furniture, reaching the extent of becoming deceiving since people are too busy looking for ways to copy and secure the new roads of technology and what it has to offer.

The Vanity PC is not as high-tech as the XYZ Computer Desk, MILK desk, and the Sync Desktop, but it does score well with its ingenious make and glossy wood finish. With the Vanity PC, you can hide your computer and all of its wires and cables in an elegant piece of furniture. In short, the Vanity PC is a desktop computer with flat screen display that folds away in seconds”.

The Vanity PC is currently waiting for a patent to be approved for its design methods; they hide all electronic hardware components and also the wires that can become unsightly as we all know. You not only get a desktop computer but also with a stereo sound system with a sub-woofer. Do you like new technology hidden in furniture?

(Source) Product Reviews

The Sarah Eco-Friendly PC Cases

Computer casings have had their share of different designs and most of us could care less as long as we are able to perform all the necessary things that a computer would allow us to. But then again, there are people who want to be different and this includes the type of computer case that they have. Normally, having a one of a kind design that is not typical would be the way to go and the “Sarah” PC case is definitely one of the unique casings that any computer geek would love to have.

Further, the “Sarah” PC case is eco-friendly, made of Ebony trees offering that unique wooden look that we rarely see for in computer desktop designs today. Nothing comes as rare as this and for sure you may have a hard time finding it anywhere.

Sarah PC Case

Getting an eco-friendly PC casing seems to be a bit off-beat. Many people are focused more on the energy consumption when computers are placed into the picture but as far as projecting a new look is concerned, the Sarah PC case is something you should not really pass by.

Aside from boasting rights and a different kind of computer package, you can really see the difference of getting something that is eco-friendly and contributory towards the green standards outside energy consumption that technology gadgets have been hit for. At least now, you have something else to show them as far as unique casing designs in the world today is concerned.

Ebony trees in virtually all regions have become endangered through over exploitation and some are already extinct.

(Source) Gadget Lab

Adding Interactive USB Ports for Gadgets

As far as your PC desktop is concerned, people want the usual USB ports to be available in numbers so that they can plug in various interface devices such as the printers, keyboards, mouse and card readers that are used today. Much of the contraptions we see today use the USB to be connected to the PC and with all of these things perhaps the dream of anyone to have, you can just imagine the number of ports given in standard PC designs today.

However, computer owners have options of upgrading the number of USB ports they have. Aside from the default ports that come with the usual motherboard, you can also install third party USB cards to add more slots available to you. They normally go into the PCI slots of the main board and are usually detected instantly.

For others, they use extension USB ports which allow a single port to accommodate more devices with USB communication. It may look a bit intertwined for the reason that most people don’t really want to see exposed wires here and there but the at least you are being given the luxury to be able to use more contraptions rather than plugging and unplugging them from the PC.

But even though you have a lot of USB ports, do remember the proper way to unplug them just in case. For USB sticks, remember to look at that icon on the bottom right corner and “safely remove the device”. Some people do not do this and if you are not careful, you may just crash the contents of the drive, or even get a blue screen from the PC itself.

Going Black? Is It Still Fashionable?

In the late 1990’s we noticed the sudden demand for black colored casings. This went as far as monitors, keyboards and mice. But while this was a preference, there was an added amount to buyers since they were supposedly “rare” requests to which required special orders. Those were yesterday’s news. Today is different.

Today, modern computer buyers want the traditional white or beige casing. Some would want linings or various design elements but the greater color was that of the white/ beige colors. For the black casings, no longer are they in demand and you will be surprised that there is a large surplus of these things that are being sold in the market today.

Apparently, the casing manufacturers overstated their projection as far as demands are concerned. In turn, computer outlets stocked up most of these casings and have now made them the primary offering for buyers who do not have any certain preference as far as type of casing is concerned.

You will note, most of the displays in shops now offer a black theme. For the record, case design does not make any difference as far as computer performance is concerned. They are indeed catchy to the eye of the computer user but as a whole, they are plain and the same.

Black themed computer casings may still be a preference for most but people today are going more on quality. A computer may look good, but if it performs poorly internally, it is just a plain waste of money.

Protect Your Computer from Power Surges

A standard motherboard will normally have 3 to 4 slots open and these are mean to serve as options for addition of other peripherals or cards. While most people want to fill them up, rarely would you see them have cards in all the slots. Among the potential cards you can install include:
1. Network Cards
2. Internal Modems
3. USB Card Extension Adaptors
4. TV Tuner Cards
5. Sound Cards

These are the common options that a person can consider to install. While they may not all be necessary, it remains that they are potential add-ons a computer owner will have installed. A lot of this is because the evolution of technology has provided a lot of solutions that will surely be tempting to the eyes of most people today.

One thing you will note is that most of these peripherals have become a necessity. They are about interface and with more people wanting to log on to the web today, the first three card options are indeed key parts in helping a computer log on to the web with certain networking options.

The thing is you cannot have them all. You have to choose which of them you will install on your motherboard. Look for other motherboards and you will see the number of slots to be normally standard. There is just so much to install on your computer and if you are wise you will choose the right stuff to install on your computer.

From Large to Small, New CPU Designs Unleashed

As far as design is concerned, size is synonymous to new technology. We can see these affecting parts such as the usual CRT monitors to the now famous LCD monitors. Hard drives have become thinner and memory modules smaller. So with all of the things getting micro bit by bit, you really have to consider the fact that the usual CPU storage can also ride the bandwagon for smaller is better today hoopla.

If you haven’t sent them yet, you will find a lot of new smaller and compact CPU storage design offered in the market. Some are the size of briefcases while others go as far as books. Amazed and awed by them, most people today are emphatic about these newly designed casings since it is really an obvious space saver if you come to think of it. Imagine a wider working space and just the usual LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse and a book-type of a CPU in front of you. Now that is a lot of good working space if you picture it.

The next thing you may have in mind is the matter of upgrading and compatibility. For sure, the parts used for these compact CPU cases have specific designs to which not all parts can accommodate. Normally, this is considered a limitation. But depending on how you use your computer, it is best that you consider the initial specifications prior to purchase so that in the end, you can determine if it is indeed feasible to invest on it or not.

Mounting hard drives backwards?

case.jpgReading through my favorite pc forum sites, I encountered this thread about mounting your hard disk drives backwards .For many casual PC users the concept of mounting a hard drive backwards may sound very strange and even impractical. First of all, practically everyone has seen hard drives inserted only one way, with the pins sticking out into the inside of the case and not facing the front of the case. For them, the very idea alone will be quite hard to grasp. Secondly, with the pins facing the front of the case, it will be virtually impossible to get at the pins and cables without physically removing the hard drive from the hard drive bays – a very cumbersome task.

But why do PC case modders do this? For the very simple reason of better cable management. By actually putting the hard drive backwards all of the pins will be hidden by the drive bay and the front of the case, what you end up seeing is the front of the hard drive itself which is just one smooth and level piece. From an aesthetic point of view, it is a definite winner. I have seen a modded case that used this kind of solution and it really does look pretty. Additionally, putting the cables at the front allows for more creative solutions to actually hide those cables from view, which results in a very clean looking case. I have seen one modder do this and he was able to manage the cable in such a way that at first look you would think he was not using any cables except the wires that run from the PSU to the motherboard. It looked absolutely awesome.

Cool case

I have always mentioned that when it comes to case mods, the paramount reason for doing it is to make a computer more efficient, the beautification aspect of case modding would only come in second.Whenever I look at the various case mods that are posted by many avid case modders on the internet I always try to assess the modifications on two points – is it a functional modification? Will it bring more benefits to the computer in general? Call me a purist but I am only really awed by modifications that would also incorporate something that would benefit the computer itself. All those acrylic etched transparent cases with all of the lights and glossy paint is beautiful to look at and deserves a lot of audience but for me if the modification does not have an additional functional use then, to my eyes, it is far less important a change than a functional based mod.

One great mod that I saw recently was Casecutter’s PC case, which he posted in the tweaktown.com forums. The case mods designed to cool his computer peripherals were quite effective. He claims that his setup only goes up to 40c on a full load on the CPU at 2.8ghz and with both of his video cards running at 700/800. This level of overclocking is already at full bore and to post this temperature is quite impressive. The radiator that he has placed certainly helps everything.

I think the case that he has chosen, an unusually long full tower, also helps in facilitating his particular mod.

Acrylic window questions

acrylic.jpgProbably the most common and most recognizable case modification is replacing the side panels of PC cases with clear acrylic panels. This is a modification that is both aesthetically pleasing but also quite functional.When I was a kid I remember being so enamored with the Swatch watch model where there was no face plate. With the face plate gone you can see the whole watch mechanism working – with all the cogs and gears working in sync to tell time accurately. I have always thought that any kind of modification on any mechanical object that will allow you to see how things work inside will always be a great idea. That is the same feeling I got when I saw my first clear acrylic window mod. Of course, a computer does not have the complicated old world mechanisms of a watch that makes it a great visual attraction but still, seeing the inner workings of a PC is a thrill unto itself. It is even wonderful that you now know when your PC is dirty and in need of cleaning without opening your case.

Working with acrylic – especially putting additional blowholes in it – can be a bit of trouble. So it would be a good idea to visit forum threads that discuss acrylics and how to work with it. Even though acrylic panels are relatively inexpensive, the time and effort that you put into your project only for it to get ruined because of mishandling can be frustrating. It would be better if you arm yourself with knowledge first before actually making the actual project to lessen any errors.