Dell Unveils Customizable Desktops

For the average computer user, some could care less on how their desktop looks like. But don’t tell that to Dell as they have unveiled a couple of great designs that the average Joe is bound to fall for. Dell first started out as a maker of computers that users could customize with the exact hardware that they desired. Dell made its name on the customization options it offered buyers. More recently, Dell has been letting shoppers customize not only the hardware inside the notebook or desktop, but has been offering custom colors and designs on the exterior of the computer as well.

Dell has announced new Inspiron desktop computers called the Inspiron slim and mini-tower. The new machines can be customized with eight different colors that completely cover the front panel of the computer. Dell says it is the only major computer maker allowing users to color customize a desktop computer.

For sure, most computer geeks are going to want one of these customizable desktops coming in different colors and themes suitable for the taste and requirement that each wants. They seem to carry the sleek and slim design and apparently the issue of space allocation is obviously covered as well.


Turn Off Your XP Updates

Unless you are sure that your copy of Microsoft’s Operating System is genuine, you are best off turning those automatic updates off. Microsoft is serious in cracking down the pirated versions of their famous Windows XP and they have done this via the update service that normally comes with the operating system for patches.

This time around, once the Windows XP software has been found to be pirated, your computer will go completely black, rendering your computer useless. Now that is not a dirty way to deprive a computer owner of updates. In fact, it puts an end to “stealing” since why get something free as updates for a software that is pirated in the first place?

Depending on your stand, it would be best to avoid the updates if you are unsure of the validity of your Windows operating software. This is not really to warn Windows users on the use of pirated versions but merely informing you that your days of using these pirated operating systems are numbered.

We have heard this news sent out before. And while we may be looking for ways to avoid paying for an authentic copy of operating systems, bear in mind as well that Microsoft has stopped manufacturing and selling the Windows XP OS.

The new operating system in the market today is the Windows Vista. And while some hate it for now, better get used to it since you are really left with little options as far as operating system performance.

Ways to Get the Amazing Desktop Designs

Rarely would you see a computer owner be satisfied with the usual default themes and images that they see on their desktop at first boot. Themes can be changed and so can the default locations of things components such as the sidebars. Before you know it, you have a unique looking computer desktop that suits you perfectly and makes it easier for you to use.

Ideally, it would be best to turn to simple looking desktops. But the problem is defining simplicity and complicated desktops. We all have our own ways of making good desktops based on our taste. Perhaps the best way to go about it is to look around for ideas and tips on how to conceptualize a unique but ideal desktop.

Here are some tips and tricks you may want to consider to get the ideal desktop that varies from the ordinary ones today:

1. Get a Constantly Changing Background
2. Cleaning up those Icons
3. Download a Dock
4. The Ultimate Background
5. Get even more wallpapers
6. Move the Sidebar
7. Style your Sidebar

Now this may be easy for Windows Vista. For the other users who are still hooked on Windows XP and other prior releases, you can do the same. The ways to go about it is simple since all you have to do is to go to the control panel and click on the Display settings or Themes (if you have one) and you are on your way to get that unique desktop you have in mind.


Clean Your Desktop for Better Performance

If you talk about speeding up your computer, there is more to pointing at the usual memory and chips that you have. Neither can you blame improper defragmentation which are normally recommended if you want your computer to perform better so that you can enjoy the speedier processes of running applications or even surfing the web.

But perhaps there is one problem that has become the bane of all and it has to do with creating too much applications on your desktop that were made due shortcuts for easier navigation. Indeed, having a shortcut icon or widget on your desktop is easier rather than going to the start menu but also remember that your desktop load has a bearing when you want to speed up things for your PC.

Other than being organized, why would you want to have plenty shortcut icons on your desktop when in fact an additional process doesn’t really take much effort? It is hard to classify this as a form of being lazy. But the fact that most people want to make life easier is really something that has to be acknowledged.

The common understanding that computers should make life easier is at times taken on a different note meaning that some people just want to click and go to the application or website without any worries at all.

If this were the case, then perhaps people should not complain that much once they find some slow processes. Overloading your desktop with shortcut icons or widgets is one of those reasons.

Themes are all about Pictures and Images

If you decide to change the look of your desktop, bear in mind that it is only about pictures and images. There are the usual icons which you can personally design yourself if you are into it and but as a whole, they are all about imaging and packaging them uniformly to gain the nod of people who want them for distribution and for their own.

Apparently, you may wonder why apply a theme when you can always change the desktop image using the default use of control panel and display setting? This way it eats up lesser resources and the need to modify and select the settings is easier. With a Windows XP system, you can even apply the desktop settings of a Windows Vista so why bother to use different themes?

Surely, this depends on how technical a person using a computer may be. For the basic to standard people, it is easier to change a theme with a few steps. Some people are apprehensive when it comes to tinkering around with the other stuff and commands in a computer and you really cannot blame them. For all you know they will panic as soon as they make a false move to which the whole system may eventually go haywire.

Some would call it a basic and logical understanding while others may not. Whatever the case may be, it just remains that theme changing is applied by people who are fascinated at the things they can do with their computer. But to others, it is as simple as exploring other things that they can do, and this includes a simple visit to the windows control panel.

Get Your 2008 Beijing Olympics Theme Today

The 2008 Beijing Olympics will be nearing its completion and for sure many people are trying to get their hands on memorabilia and souvenirs of the prestigious events. As spectators, you do not really have to go to Beijing to buy one. You can actually get one online in the form of Windows themes and wallpapers.

For some, this may come a bit late. Most people who have been waiting for the Olympics are sure to have downloaded their own share of themes, icons and wallpapers. Screensavers as well but most of these are pictures of the place and the mascots that Beijing had prepared. For sure a large demand would be the medalists and the key events such as swimming and basketball where Michael Phelps and the Redeem Team are heading the list of notable winners for the 2008 edition.

Much of these wallpapers are sure to be uploaded through the images taken from the event. While it may be drawing to a close, expect a lot of themes to be unleashed once the closing ceremonies get underway. Among the hottest names would include the best performers. Aside from Phelps, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Kerri Walsh as well as the other team competition stars are bound to be in demand some time after the said meet.

So if you want any semblance of these athletes on your desktop for souvenirs, watch out. They are sure to be spread like wildfire once the Beijing Olympics come to a close.

Changing Computer Themes Easily

For most Windows XP users today, there is little to consider as far as changing your current default Windows XP Theme. You can choose between two ways:

The Traditional Way

  1. Go to the Control Panel and look for the Display Icon and double click on it.
  2. Once inside, you will immediately see the current theme which is usually the Windows XP theme. If you click on the field, you will see other default themes. Normally if it is a first time installation and you haven’t downloaded any new themes, only the Windows Classic options theme will be there for you to check out.
  3. If you have downloaded any other themes, just use the browse option and point it to the directory where you placed them. Then save and apply and you get a totally new makeover.

For more themes you can apply, you can go to reliable sites such as which normally has a number of themes over there that you can download. A word of caution though. There will be a lot of sites offering free theme downloads. Unless you are sure that they are reliable based on recommendations, don’t think of even considering downloading them. They may give you more than a theme like a virus or spyware for your troubles.

The other way is of course right clicking on the main desktop. Once the menu comes out, select properties and you will get the same window as you did for the ones enumerated above. Follow each step as well.

Do Windows Themes Slow Down Your Computer

Windows Theme

As far as getting the habit of frequently changing themes, you cannot help but wonder if they would be a cause for occasional slowdowns of computers whenever they are in use. One thing we can note is the fact that they eat resources.

Unlike in the early days when you can simply change your desktop with standard themes, the new themes we use in Windows XP and Vista need larger resources. They are enhancements for people who want their computer to look unique and ideal to their eyes each time that they use them. For others however, the only important thing is being able to use your computer and get the work you need done.

For some, it may not matter. New computer specifications today allow them to enjoy the same speed and output although it may defeat the purpose of being faster when it comes to processing and resources used. Some would point towards the way of new operating system needs that slow down a computer and adding new Windows themes only aggravates it as well.

With these things in mind, we cannot avoid using some themes at some point. Perhaps modifying them according to what we want or in part can help avoid such problems in the end. It may become technical for some people who are not used to customizing themes on their desktop but if you want to maximize computer performance, you can do so by picking only some of the elements needed to make your computer stand out and be different from the rest.

The Cast Mod!

cast_mod1.jpgCase modders can be such a weird bunch. These guys straddle that fine line between science geek and art geek. On the science front they seriously look at the inherent characteristics of pc parts and use mathematics in order to compute for the optimal settings to overclock key computer components. You also get the science bent on things like airflow.On the other hand, they can be artsy too because there are certain modding projects that need an artistic bent. I have seen people who paint their cases so elaborately and creatively that it would not look out of place in a museum. I have even seen guys who etch illustrations and other works of art on the transparent acrylic. These are things that I can only hope to do.

This guy though has put a completely different spin on modding – instead of modding his computer case, he “modded” is leg cast! Tech-daddy from was getting bored with his being partially immobile because of his cast that he started playing with the cast itself by painting it using his new airbrush. The result is an absolutely visually stunning transformation for the cast. Using a fairly elaborate flame design he spray painted his cast with a number of colors. The preliminary results are really beautiful and also quite ingenious. We have seen how clichéd the signature on the cast is. This is a completely different and radical spin that actually makes sense. I think the guy has stumbled on to a potential business!

PSU Decisions

psu440.jpgAnyone who buys computers tries to allocate their budget towards the latest, fastest and most feature packed parts that their budget would allow them to. This means getting current generation processors, feature packed motherboards, midlevel to top level video cards, as much memory that they can buy, storage that will enable them to install many resource hungry applications and still leave enough room for gigabytes of files and downloaded goodies on the internet and of course, a case that would fit all of these while also maintaining good looks.Of course, if they can scrimp on a little they would so if they think that a passable product or part would be good enough for their needs then they will go for that and usually this distinction falls on the PSU. Most novice and mid-skill level PC owners usually scrimp on the PSU when assembling a computer. If they can get a generic PSU then so be it. They will even settle for the bundled PSU’s on certain PC cases because it will save them a lot of money.

But this is actually not a good idea and this is best illustrated in this particular thread that I reading today. It is true that you should not get a budget PSU especially if it is going to bring power to such high cost parts. One forum member even said that it should be the most expensive computer part you should buy. The reason here is that good, clean power that is accurately rated will ensure that your PC parts work properly.