What is so Cool about Transparent Casings?

One thing you will notice as far as modern casings today are concerned is that a lot of them offer transparent sides thus revealing the internal chips of your CPU. Is there a bearing with regards to the overall performance of the computer? Not necessarily. Outside that of being fashionable, these transparent casings only allows you to showcase you internal computer chips and parts which normally makes use of plexi glass as a fashion statement.

They may look great but they are added costs since they are specialized casings for a chosen few But as far as cooling or improving the scale of PC performance, you can bet that they barely have something to do with improving actual processes and if ever they do, it is all psychological in nature.

With that in mind, why are people buying them? PC owners just want to be different and stylish. Some can afford to turn to these casings for a different look and identity. For an extra amount of dollars, people get them mainly for status symbols. However, inside of them, unless something powerful comes up like processors or other PC parts is concerned, on the outside they are nothing more than fabricated computer cases that house pretty much the same peripherals as the standard PC case.

Save Energy by Using the Power Options

After you have successfully installed your Windows Operating System such as Windows XP, most settings are placed on default. Normally included in this would be the auto shut off options for your hard disk and your video card. Depending on your preference, they can be good power savers and can help a lot in reducing the stress of computer parts concerned when you happen to leave your desktop or laptop idle for some time.

But overall, they are meant to help safeguard you computer as far as leaving it open for quite some time. The computer parts such as your video card and your hard drive are taking heat when they are operational. Unless you are the type that needs the computer to be operational most of the time due to instances such as long hour downloading of large files like videos, it would be wise to save on the wear and tear as well as the energy you are consuming. Energy in the sense that we are all aware of the fast dilapidating of our energy sources and each small help counts a lot.

For the techie freaks these days, many would turn these options off for their own reason. One is that they don’t want to go through the trouble of having to tap a key on their keyboards which may take some time to refresh and function as well. Besides, for these people, if one of the two, the hard disk or the video card, conks out, getting a new one of higher specs can be pretty much rewarding.

Do You Ever Turn your Computer Off?

These days, we all know that computers bear the brunt of being always powered on for one reason or another. Among the reasons include:

1. Uninterrupted Downloading
2. Timid Power on and Power off by Users
3. User forget to turn them off

In this time and age, it would be best to take into consideration the fact that we need to conserve electricity and by all means, computers make use of it. While to most, the cost of leaving it on is something that they can afford, the real issue here would be the computer life and of course the energy resources which we are really eating up a lot as of late.

Awareness of the energy conservation efforts through the proper use of computers and maintaining them is something we need to attend to. People today could care less but the fact of the matter is, we can add that extra effort that will benefit us the most. Heat levels in your computer can just be imagined. Remember that one issue inside CPUs today is cooling and leaving them on with auxiliary fans to do the ventilation and cooling habits is something that you should really address as well.

If we want to make use of a PC that will last longer then perhaps it would wise to consider giving them some rest periods. This is not enforceable. All I am saying is that computers needs some respite as well even for an hour. Also, save on energy since the savings you can get from these efforts can turn out to be enough savings for future needs such as a computer upgrade once new ones hit the market.

Tiny Compressors for Better PC Cooling to be launched

The temperature levels in most computers today have a significant impact on a PC’s performance. We know of the usual auxiliary fans required to serve as added ventilation but in some cases, the proper cooling for these chips are not enough. Cooling is important and while the fans are trying hard to negate the rising heat levels from using internal chips and processors, Purdue University has reportedly developed a tiny refrigeration system that will surely help a lot as far as CPU temperature levels is concerned.

This is indeed a welcome development considering that many people are forever relying on additional cooling systems for their CPU or laptops.

“Traditionally, you use a fan to blow air on a chip — room temperature air,” said Garimella. “If I could push chilled air onto the chip, then I get a lot more cooling.” The devices are designed to dramatically increase the amount of heat that can be removed from a computer, he added.

The system pumps refrigerants through tiny compressors and tubing. The technology could be integrated into a microprocessor, or it could replace a computer’s traditional air-cooled heat sink.

The new cooling technique will probably be used first in gaming systems and then in high-end laptops, Garimella projected.


Once this gets out, we can see better enhancements towards our current crop of CPU and cooling issues that seem to continue to haunt us when it comes to identifying the right temperature to assist CPU performance. Purdue professor Suresh Garimela even opened the doors for smaller computers which will garner the nod of people who love to embrace technology and its fruits as they come.

Avoid Overloading CPU Power Distribution

Being the enthusiastic computer geeks that we are at times, we cannot help but overdo it when it comes to identifying and choosing the proper peripherals to place in our PC. Power supplies can only take so much and that is why there are specified power distributions to be able to handle all the circuits and conduits that need power each time you switch you computer on.

Normally, the default power allocation is enough to rev up your motherboard, monitor, hard disks and video cards. A couple of optical drives can also be thrown into the fray and you still have sufficient power not to fry your power supply.

But you just cannot help at times to add more to the power requirements. Adding other hard drives, another optical drive like a DVD writer or other peripherals that technology has to offer. In short, you will have a CPU that will be forever fighting for power and if they are falling short of power requirements, you may see added peripherals burning out or a busted power supply even.

That is why when you go to the usual computer shops, you will notice that there are power supplies with greater power capacity. This is precisely the reason; to be able to adhere towards additions that will not be seen in the default computer specifications. We all have our own demands and apparently this stems from the fact that we do not know when the perfect PC setup will be there for us. This is only typical in terms of demands.

Computer Casing and Ventillation Issues

As far as choosing the ideal computer casing storage is concerned, the first thing that anyone would focus on would be design. The immediate thing to consider is that your computer case should be brand new and go in hand with your latest and upgraded desktop and internal parts.

But while this is instant and common, the issue of proper ventilation and air flow to make sure your computer chips don’t get fried should likewise be considered. One thing about latest technology is that they can heat up faster than the earlier ones and to help prevent them from overheating, make sure that you have the right air passage ways from given spots on your computer case before anything else.

Surely this is one thing that computer cases should have provisions for. Also, check out where you can install auxiliary fans as well to help cool down internal chips and diodes. Some may have as much as three slots open while others are lucky to have one at all.

The thing is, there is no problem with having snazzy designed casings. But sometimes, the reason why they are not being bought is because of these provisions for proper air flow. Inside the CPU, it is really a totally different environment as far as ideal temperature for them is concerned. A couple of fans would be great but if you don’t have the right airways, chances are your are only circulating the same old CPU temperature which will evidently become something you should address later on.

Let Your Computer Cool Down!

Computers are designed to withstand the long wear and tear of use but it would be wise not to overdo it. You can put as many auxiliary fans as you want inside the CPU but the fact is, your chips will still get overheated for the fact that they continue to function even if left idle and on.

If you will notice in most offices today, the storage room for most servers and critical computers are well ventilated if not given a 24/7 air conditioning system to make sure that they do not overheat. Some may say that this is easier said than done but it also says the same for standard workstations. You just have to implement the right amount of temperature so that they do not overheat and conk out.

For home-based computers, it is normal to see some computers being left on most of the time. Aside from eliminating the usual start-up time where you have to wait for your Windows system to load, others leave it on because they download large files from the web such as audio and video files. The issue here is making sure that it does not get broken because once you do, it all goes back to zero.

There are download managers to handle these issues but people also want their downloads to be complete at the soonest. Besides, their manner of thinking is computers can be replaced so why bother. Well, the issue of inconvenience is obviously at hand and desktop users seem to fail to recognize that for now.

Shut Off Your PC When Not In Use

As far as energy consumption today is concerned, it would be best to make sure that most of your electrical gadgets, computers included, turned off and unplugged. We all know that most people can do a lot of things with their computer and apparently people have forgotten to turn them off. This stems from continuous download wherein being online longer can let them finish their downloads especially if they are movies.

Others however forget to turn off their desktops. Some reason out that if you leave your computer on, at least you can just turn on the monitor and you can immediately get some work done or go surfing for anything while online. Many would say that this is a lame excuse but it all depends on how people look at it. Besides, they are the ones paying the bills right?

But today, it is not just about paying bills. It is also about caring for the overall hardware maintenance and mileage and doing our own little thing as far as conserving energy. Most computers today are said to be energy efficient but that can be pushed all the more if we know when to shut down our computers.

This is not just for home-based users. This also includes office-based where dozens of computers are being used today for business. There will be break times where people can simply turn off their computer when they will not be used. A little effort like that really does a lot when it comes to energy saving issues today.

Installing PC Auxiliary Fans

One thing you will notice about computers is that without proper ventilation, they will surely heat up. Once they do, chips, modules and everything in the internal part of the central processing unit is likely to become reason for your computer to slow down. If you allow it to remain that way, in the long run you may end up frying your internal chips and processors as well.

We cannot discount the fact that using additional auxiliary fans are the way to go when it comes to trying to have proper ventilation for your main unit. Heat is only normal in the operation of computers but addressing the issue as much as you can through ventilation is something that can really help a lot.

This issue of overheating has been in focus ever since the Pentium IV and AMD series first came out some years ago. If you will notice, additional fans were advised to make sure that your processor chips do not get fried and eventually become worthless. To this day, most PC users look for these additional fans for help in improving the internal cooling system of a computer. But apparently, with the new breed of processors released in the market, this issue has been addressed already.

Today, you still have the option to place these additional fans just to make sure you address cooling issues at present. While they are yesterday’s news, you cannot help but wonder that once your processor heats up, hanging is the first stage you will notice to which may be a sign of worst things to come if you are not careful about the cooling issues aligned with computers today.

Let Your Computer Rest

Unless your computer is part of the many workstations that is being used in the office setting, it would be wise to allow your computer to rest even for an hour or so. Not that your computer cannot take the wear and tear. The fact remains that personal computers also have chips that can be overused.

At times, you would want your computer to be open all the time so that you can only open your monitor and type or surf away. Anyone would love to do this as a habit but the fact remains, you just have to consider the fact that computers need to get a breather especially if they are left idle most of the time. Besides, you are also saving on energy, something that is slowly becoming scarce these days.

Computers can conk out at any time when they are left to burn out. Some would say that you have an inferior computer but this does not always follow. Do remember, any machine for that matter will reach the point where it will have to be shut down permanently until a new unit arrives. This is something that people least think about since they want convenience at their fingertips.

Computers are used to being overloaded as far as being on all the time. But compare computers with the ones that are given proper breathing spells and you will be surprised at the performance that they can give. This also includes the lifespan that they have which often differs when you abuse the computer life too much.