Memory Chips Cannot Always Solve the Problem

We all know that the more memory chips you have, the better your computer will perform. We see people buying computers with practically 1 gig of memory installed in them, hoping that their computer speed will be more the sufficient to satisfy their requirements. But this does not always follow.

For one thing, some people forget, you cannot tweak or cheat your way out of computer philosophies. One overlooked component will eventually take its toll. For example, a lower processor will still have a bearing. You will encounter faster processes but insofar as overall computer performance is concerned, it still remains that your computer can only do so much to render the proper capability it was designed for.

Hence, more memory will not always certify a computer to perform in the same way high-processor capacity computers are expected to be. There will only be a small difference and that may not necessarily be acceptable for some. Normally, it may eventually lead to an entire upgrade as people have a high demand with regards to computer processes to which some processors falter in terms of computer load.

So while you are thinking the memory chips are enough, computer philosophy and programming says otherwise. It is at this point that if you become wary of investing in computers, then do not expect to get optimal performance as you would expect. You just have to shell out cash to be able to get better performing peripherals today.

Being a Step Ahead of the Software Requirements

For most software that you install, there will be the ideal PC requirements provided so you can be assured of optimum performance for programs and games you will install on your PC. At times, varied differences as far as video specifications, memory and processor capacity will be stated. But while many would see the usual minimal requirements, you have to consider the fact on whether these will be sufficient to satisfy the level of performance you are expecting once these software programs are installed.

Based on experience, it would never hurt to be a step ahead. This entails making sure that you are installing the software on hardware that is a bit advanced. For example, if video card requirements are at least 128 MB, why not install a 256 MB video card if the difference is just a couple of bucks? Or perhaps if memory requires at least 256 RAM, why not go double like 512?

Some may call it overkill but they are really some form of making sure that you get best performance from these programs. Remember that if you go for minimal requirements, you will eventually find yourself wanting better performance and hence upgrading these concerned hardware peripherals in the end.

In summary, do not take the minimal system requirements as a measure of competent utilization of programs. They are placed there so that you know that the program will indeed run. But as far as great performance is concerned, do consider the fact that it is not stated anywhere in that part of the software box for you to ponder on as well.

Avoid Overloading CPU Power Distribution

Being the enthusiastic computer geeks that we are at times, we cannot help but overdo it when it comes to identifying and choosing the proper peripherals to place in our PC. Power supplies can only take so much and that is why there are specified power distributions to be able to handle all the circuits and conduits that need power each time you switch you computer on.

Normally, the default power allocation is enough to rev up your motherboard, monitor, hard disks and video cards. A couple of optical drives can also be thrown into the fray and you still have sufficient power not to fry your power supply.

But you just cannot help at times to add more to the power requirements. Adding other hard drives, another optical drive like a DVD writer or other peripherals that technology has to offer. In short, you will have a CPU that will be forever fighting for power and if they are falling short of power requirements, you may see added peripherals burning out or a busted power supply even.

That is why when you go to the usual computer shops, you will notice that there are power supplies with greater power capacity. This is precisely the reason; to be able to adhere towards additions that will not be seen in the default computer specifications. We all have our own demands and apparently this stems from the fact that we do not know when the perfect PC setup will be there for us. This is only typical in terms of demands.

Cheap Computers Make Cheap Results

The beauty about computers today is that you can have the luxury of choosing from various specifications that offer varying prices. For the people who have little knowledge on what these specs are for, they would end up buying the lower priced computers. Some are encouraged to buy the higher ones after careful explanation of differences but unless they are techies, chances are they will be fine with the usual Celeron or AMD chips with the right amount of storage and speed requirements.

Some people buy computers to help them in their various needs. This includes documents and spreadsheet preparations. But while others have other various intents on using a computer, it all boils down to knowing what type of specifications you would need as far as getting the ideal computer for you is concerned.

You will notice that these computer geeks would know which hardware to use. Higher end graphic cards and processors are normally advised to them beforehand. While they would want them, sometimes affordability stands in the way. With that in mind they look for alternatives and this includes trading some specs with compromised value which can eventually be replaced in the future once their budget allows them to.

The thing about limiting your computer hardware specs is that they will perform poorly. Nothing beats the performance of a higher based computer. You will notice that once you use your computer with limited specs, the headaches will start. Now if you are wise, buy the right computer at the right time to save yourself of these miseries.

Why Should You Overclock?

Overclocking in most computers is deemed as something to cheat the process and motherboard you have to optimize and get added performance for your computer. But the fact remains; is it wise overclock you computer?

If you are in your right mind, you would easily depict that it would be foolish to try and cheat your system. The added load may not sit well with the usual life span that processors are supposed to have. Furthermore, it would be wise to make do with the advised specifications for the reason that there is a primary reason why the standard speed of computers are given today.

Anyone would love to get something special from overclocking their system. Outside saving on cost, you can get added processes and load handling by doing so. But you just have to build around the bush. It is an abnormal procedure to which your entire system may breakdown and worst, bring you higher expenses since it may lead to purchasing and entirely new computer unit.

As a whole, you may wonder what benefits overclocking can give you. The techie freaks know how to deal with it but if you ask around, it is something that only the specialists use. They can get away with it at first. But if you look for a long term plan, you will find the computer life cycle diminishing a bit.

It is wise to cheat your computer chips when you can. But do remember that when you push them to the limit, the same goes for the life span that can be severely shortened in the process.

Why Graphics Artists Need a Fast Computer

Today, most of us are looking for the newly inducted computers that operate efficiently and according to the demands of most programs we run. Graphics designing computers need higher memory and processors to be able to withstand the various commands that are needed to be able to produce the high memory eating drawing and layouts we use with the usual graphics and images software like Adobe and Ulead.

Add to the fray the slowly increasing number of people who have taken up video editing as well and you can just wonder how much power they will require for their computer to be able to take up these facts. It remains that along with the vast upgrades of computer hardware lies a purpose and this is aimed at the demand to satisfy the purpose of computer relying people that are growing in numbers by the day.

This issue is not only towards the graphics designers and video editors of today. Programmers and even the simplest users require high memory modules and dual capable processors to make sure that their computer does not hang. If the processes are not given attention, then you will find that most of them will become be a cause for your computer to slow down. And this is something any computer owner and user really hate.

To date, we have seen computer upgrades in at least a year or two. Rather than succumb to what your enthusiasm allows you to decide on, be practical. Sometimes we upgrade due to our craving for being in with the times. Upgrade for a specific reason and that is at times when you really need to so you can work effectively.

Asus OCgear

Modders, you’re gonna love this, ASUS is set to unveil the OCgear overclocking kit next week. The new 8600 GT card slips into a 5.25-inch PC drive bay for a quick fix of your GPU speed like the external XG Station designed for laptops. It provides adjustment to the fan speed and system volume while displaying the GPU temperature and FPS. No details yet on how to connect it to the graphics card, or if this thingie only works with Asus motherboards or any sound card or onboard solution. It’s fun to see a manufacturer’s that are coming up with cool, new ideas and try something out of the box. The OCgear would make it easier for those that aren’t into the hardcore overclocking. It’s easier to turn a knob than it is to fool around with the settings.

A good newbie resource

006.jpgI have always contended that there should always be a way to make it easier for a person to do research or to find the information that he needs without jumping from one website to another. The most rudimentary of researchers will already tell you that researching for needed information is not as easy as it looks. When you research on the internet you need to employ so many skills. You need analytical skills in order to think of the best words and phrases you can use as search strings for your research. After you have received the results, you will need to use your detective skills in order to pinpoint the information that you will really need amidst the tremendous amount of pages that could possibly be generated by your search.A central repository of needed information is thus a very welcome concept and one that I am constantly on the lookout for. Whenever I do encounter sites or pages like these I immediately bookmark it for future reference.

It was a pleasant surprise when I saw this particular forum section in The series of FAQs on various important topics that are PC related will definitely be a great help for those who are still new to PCs. The various threads in the subsection tackle practically all of the important topics that newbies will likely ask, like questions regarding drivers, power, storage, memory, among others. This is a great resource especially for those who are still quite unfamiliar about how computers work. A good read of the threads would be enough for a person to actually learn the basics of at least taking care of their PCs.

Unlocking Bartons

cpu6bz.jpgAs I am still saving up for my next computer upgrade (still debating over the more expensive but very fast Intel Core Duo or the more budget friendly AMD M2’s), I have to content myself with my two year old and ever trusty AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton Core. The reason I bought this particular processor (and at one time I had two desktops running the same processors) was mainly because of the good reviews it received as well as the sterling commendations it got from PC enthusiasts. The main point of the accolades came from the fact that the Barton Core was very overclocking friendly. Overclocking specialists say that it is easy to overclock the Bartons and that the procedure in order to make the Barton core processors overclockable are very easy to follow.I have read many forums in so many websites that extol the virtues of the Barton core. One of the most compelling reasons I have read for recommending a Barton at that time was that for the price you pay for a Barton you can overclock it to speeds that at that time were in the domain of the higher end processors that were expensive. Good enough reason to buy, right?

This week, I just encountered this thread about the Barton mobile processor. This particular thread was discussing how to unlock the higher multipliers of the Barton mobile. It’s a fairly old thread but it clearly shows you how it easy it is to unlock Bartons. Neophyte overclockers or those who want to get into the hobby could possibly by an old Barton and play with it using the information found on the thread.

Cool case

I have always mentioned that when it comes to case mods, the paramount reason for doing it is to make a computer more efficient, the beautification aspect of case modding would only come in second.Whenever I look at the various case mods that are posted by many avid case modders on the internet I always try to assess the modifications on two points – is it a functional modification? Will it bring more benefits to the computer in general? Call me a purist but I am only really awed by modifications that would also incorporate something that would benefit the computer itself. All those acrylic etched transparent cases with all of the lights and glossy paint is beautiful to look at and deserves a lot of audience but for me if the modification does not have an additional functional use then, to my eyes, it is far less important a change than a functional based mod.

One great mod that I saw recently was Casecutter’s PC case, which he posted in the forums. The case mods designed to cool his computer peripherals were quite effective. He claims that his setup only goes up to 40c on a full load on the CPU at 2.8ghz and with both of his video cards running at 700/800. This level of overclocking is already at full bore and to post this temperature is quite impressive. The radiator that he has placed certainly helps everything.

I think the case that he has chosen, an unusually long full tower, also helps in facilitating his particular mod.