A good newbie resource

006.jpgI have always contended that there should always be a way to make it easier for a person to do research or to find the information that he needs without jumping from one website to another. The most rudimentary of researchers will already tell you that researching for needed information is not as easy as it looks. When you research on the internet you need to employ so many skills. You need analytical skills in order to think of the best words and phrases you can use as search strings for your research. After you have received the results, you will need to use your detective skills in order to pinpoint the information that you will really need amidst the tremendous amount of pages that could possibly be generated by your search.A central repository of needed information is thus a very welcome concept and one that I am constantly on the lookout for. Whenever I do encounter sites or pages like these I immediately bookmark it for future reference.

It was a pleasant surprise when I saw this particular forum section in ocforums.com. The series of FAQs on various important topics that are PC related will definitely be a great help for those who are still new to PCs. The various threads in the subsection tackle practically all of the important topics that newbies will likely ask, like questions regarding drivers, power, storage, memory, among others. This is a great resource especially for those who are still quite unfamiliar about how computers work. A good read of the threads would be enough for a person to actually learn the basics of at least taking care of their PCs.