A great overclocking community

ancient-overclocking-17.jpgAmong avid overclocking hobbyists, they take a certain pride in how they have managed to overclock their PC rigs. And with good reason. Overclocking is a delicate balance between pushing the performance of your PC parts just to the very edge without crashing your system while at the same time being carefully and consistently aware of the various tweaks that you are doing and also taking care of the heating issues that are associated with overclocking. This is a tightrope process with not much room for error because a big mistake can be quite costly because a wrong overclocking setting can fry the processor, the RAM or even the motherboard. And who really has the budget or the deep pockets to just shrug off a catastrophe such as this and then buy the same parts and then overclock it again – turning it into an absurd cycle of waste and stupidity?Each overclocking setting, as I have said is a delicate balance. Each person will have his own set of distinct tweaks and settings in order to achieve his overclocking results. There are some who are fiercely protective of these tweaks and will not part with it. But for the most part the overclocking community is built on camaraderie and sharing. But if there is one thing that overclockers want is proof that the results are indeed true and verifiable. This is why threads like these are quite fun to read because you not only see the extent to which overclockers try to push to the absolute limits of their PCs but also pick up very nifty tips and tricks if you want to go overclocking your own rig.