Benchmarking results

One of the best ways of identifying whether your machine is achieving the best performance it can with games is by running benchmark tests on it. Benchmark tests are a series of pre-programmed processes that a computer has to go through and from there the software will determine how efficiently the computer operates and posts a score that reflects its performance.Earlier benchmark tests were very hard to do and quite a pain that only a few hardcore enthusiasts would attempt to do it. But with the advent of more user friendly benchmarking utilities more and more people have begun to use benchmarking software to determine how well their machines run. Of course, with a benchmarking software, an overclocking enthusiast can also more accurately determine any improvements he has been able to squeeze out of his machine. He can do this by running the benchmarking utility with the stock settings, and then with every subsequent tweak he will run the utility again to find out if there are any performance boosts. Another good thing with benchmarking utilities is that a PC user will determine if he has overreached his overclocked settings because the utility will show discrepancies during its run like video artifacts.

A great way to determine if your overclocking efforts are within the limits set by other enthusiasts is by reading and visiting benchmarking threads . Here, PC owners post their benchmarks so you can compare notes with them. They will even give the tweaks that they did in order to achieve a particular benchmark result for a set number of PC parts.