Cold Cathode Light Dilemma

I have been modding my computer cases for the last four years. No really drastic moddings though – more efficient cable management, drilling additional blowholes and more efficient air flow by inserting carefully placed fans inside the case. I am not the flashy type of guy so I hardly put in any “bling” on to my PC in terms of lights and all those UV reactive parts. I just do not think that those kinds of modding ideas are for me. The only light – related accessories I have is my illuminated keyboard and mouse pad (which is quite useful when gaming with no lights on, lest you wake the kid) and my optical mouse with changing lights from Belkin, a giveaway given to my wife by the local Belkin distributor here.I felt that I had no use for cold cathode lighting that is quite popular among other modders who want to transform their drab PC cases into virtual light shows. At one point I did get enticed to at least put one cold cathode light in my rig for more practical purposes – I want to clearly see what is inside the case if I want to check out the fans or find out if it already needs cleaning. But partly through laziness and an inability to find a cold cathode light that is not a garish green, magenta or blue I decided to forego the project.

And it looks like I did the right thing, based on a thread at, it looks like cold cathode lighting is a bit of a hazard because the inverter has a tendency to overheat and actually melt down and catch fire, while the light still remains on! I’ve seen one of those infamous pictures where the inside of the case looked like an arsonist had a barbecue and it made me realize that, yes, I made the right decision after all.