Commercial case modding services

casemods.jpgCase modding is one of the most recent iterations of the computer hobby that we have come to know and love. Whereas before a computer hobby consisted of just sourcing and using fast computer parts in order to get the most performance out of your computer and also tweaking each part in order to further get the most juice out of it and make it perform beyond its stated speed. Now, it has spilled on to the actual aesthetics of the computer, most particularly on the case itself.The initial case modding projects actually involved functionality more than aesthetics. The first mods that computer hobbyists made involved providing better airflow in the case – this involved putting additional blowholes in the case (actually drilling holes that would be big enough to accommodate additional fans) as well as better cable management (before the advent of rounded IDE cables, hobbyists actually individually stripped each IDE cable so that they can make their own rounded cables while others meticulously folded the flat cables in order to make it smaller and thus provide more air circulation inside.

But in recent years, modding has become more commercialized with lazy hobbyists now turning to case modding companies to make the projects for them. This recent trend has actually removed the element of these projects being home grown and being a labor of love. There are even forum threads that discuss the services offered by commercial case modding companies that offer “Custom” services to computer owners. I am ambivalent about this development, on the one hand I cannot fault these people for taking advantage of an obvious demand for such services. But I also have to say that modding is really a hobby that you should be doing on your own so that you can feel pride in your work.