Computers to Dive For

Computers were never known to be that compatible with water. In fact, one drop of water into any of the chips or motherboard can cause a malfunction if not a major shutdown. But thanks to modern inventors and technology, diving enthusiasts can now do computing while under water. And all of this was made possible by Uemis through its OLED Dive Computer.

The OLED Dive Computer is not what you may call the traditional PC or notebook to under water. It is actually in the mold of a watch (something taken out of the modern designs of James Bond or Mission Impossible perhaps). This colored scuba assistant is certainly a good addition to any diver who may want to do some computing under water.

The Lithium Polymer battery provides about 10 hours of use between charges. Not only can you charge by connecting to your laptop, but an integrated solar panel allows you to charge the unit while sitting on the boat deck between dives!

So if you want to show off or put the OLED Dive Computer to good use, get one and bring it along the next time you go diving. It is certain to be something you may find useful under water.