Cool case

I have always mentioned that when it comes to case mods, the paramount reason for doing it is to make a computer more efficient, the beautification aspect of case modding would only come in second.Whenever I look at the various case mods that are posted by many avid case modders on the internet I always try to assess the modifications on two points – is it a functional modification? Will it bring more benefits to the computer in general? Call me a purist but I am only really awed by modifications that would also incorporate something that would benefit the computer itself. All those acrylic etched transparent cases with all of the lights and glossy paint is beautiful to look at and deserves a lot of audience but for me if the modification does not have an additional functional use then, to my eyes, it is far less important a change than a functional based mod.

One great mod that I saw recently was Casecutter’s PC case, which he posted in the forums. The case mods designed to cool his computer peripherals were quite effective. He claims that his setup only goes up to 40c on a full load on the CPU at 2.8ghz and with both of his video cards running at 700/800. This level of overclocking is already at full bore and to post this temperature is quite impressive. The radiator that he has placed certainly helps everything.

I think the case that he has chosen, an unusually long full tower, also helps in facilitating his particular mod.