Dell Unveils Alienware Desktop

While other businesses are planning their new business plan of attack, Dell is not holding anything back. In fact, their push for better sales and hopefully to satisfy the demand for quality and branded computers in the market continues and their latest offering is the Dell Alienware Aurora Desktop that is set to be sold in 200 stores in the United States.

Surely the Alienware Aurora desktop is targeted at the hardcore gamers who look for high-end requirements such as powerful graphics cards and leading edge performance peripherals. Rather than upgrade or buy parts one by one, Dell is offering a one package deal that simply required the new computer owner to install the preferred game and sit back and play afterwards.

The demand for specialized desktops to adhere towards the demands that the gaming phenomenon has set, PC users are now on the lookout for powerful specs, going as far as overboard at times simply to enjoy the pleasures of PC gaming. With the Dell desktop, not only are PC enthusiasts assured of higher specs but also a brand that has been reliable and well-known in the industry.

“People are defining themselves by the products they choose and groups they associate with,” says Michael Tatelman, vice president, global consumer sales and marketing, Dell. “Individuals who choose the Alienware Aurora are saying I am a serious gamer and user who demands the best in personal computing.”