Domino A.L.C. Can Solve PC Heating Problems

Heat is something that can slow our computers down and while many people are turning to bigger and additional fans to negate this problem, there is a better alternative which you can turn to. The new cooling liquid solution comes by the name of Domino A.L.C., a liquid cooling solution introduced in the market by CoolIT Systems.

The Domino is a compact, factory-sealed system that can be easily installed in minutes. You just open up the case and install a special retention system that positions itself directly over the CPU. It mounts using its four spring-loaded screw posts, one located on each corner. According to CoolIT, it can be installed into even the most crowded chassis.

Overheating chips has been an issue since the first Pentium IV processors. Most technicians have installed a third party auxiliary fan to help control ventilation but this has had its own share of issues, particularly when it comes to power distribution from the normally usual power supply.

You can just imagine the accumulating heat inside a PC. It is not only the processor that is generating that high level of temperature. Remember, you have other peripherals operating as well and put them altogether, you can imagine how the temperature in your PC would be.

In a nutshell, your computer needs all the help it can get as far as normalizing the internal temperature of your CPU. Coolit Systems has just come up with a dandy idea. Check it out.