Dual PSU Mod

PSU6.jpgI have always heard about dual PSUs being used by PC enthusiasts to power their rigs. I have always been intrigued by it because frankly I could not understand why you would need to PSUs. Is this some sort of geek pissing contest? Or is there an actual benefit in using two PSUs?Based on research, there is indeed a bit of a difference as you now share the electrical load of a whole rig between two power supplies, easing the demands for power on both PSUs. In actuality I do find this a bit strange because, in my mind, there is no diference between using two PSUs and using a PSU that has enough juice to power the whole PC with watts to spare. But I think the origins of the dual PSU came at a time when there were still no PSUs that were powerful enough to feed the increasingly resource hungry PC parts that have begun to come out from various manufacturers.

I thought making a dual PSU was easy but apparently it was not. Since I am not confident about my soldering and electrical skills this was a mod that I decided not to do. But I was still intrigued by it so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Dual PSU Mod being discussed in a forum. The pictures were clear and gave you a good idea on what to do (in vaguely general terms of course). Hopefully though the thread starter will also post what he did electrically in order to let the PSUs boot up together and at the same time. This way, other people will be able to start their own projects.