Fan mods

controller.jpgModders get all sorts of ideas for their various modding projects. Almost all parts of a computer is fair game when it comes to these enthusiasts. The more common mods that you will see are on the case itself as well as the innards of the case – that is the cable management. Then there are the more exotic modifications that straddle the line between functionality and art.Of course there are also mods that you would not really think about anymore – these are the mods that fall in the category of “why didn’t I think of that?”. One mod that comfortably falls in this category are the various fan mods that have been thought up by enthusiasts.

One very useful mod that is being discussed at is a fan speed controller that anyone can build. A fan speed controller is very useful because you can change how fast and therefore how powerful the airflow is of your fan depending on the situation and the need. For example, if you are not doing anything resource intensive you can turn the fan to a low rpm to minimize noise. But if you are doing something resource intensive like gaming or editing movie files then you can bump up the RPMs in order to compensate for the additional amounts of heat that the computer is producing. This is a really great way of managing your fans. Unfortunately, fan controllers are only found on certain models of fans produced by certain companies. By building your own fan controller you can now use any fan that you want. Nifty, isn’t it?