Flexicord Helps you in PC Cable Management

Depending on how many things you have attached on your PC, sprawled cabling is normally a problem for most PC users. Some would tie them up while other would not care at all as long as their PC is functioning. But now with the new Flexicord, you can organize those sprawled cables better and have a more organized place when doing some stuff with your computer.

Flexicord has a thick pipe cleaner that sits alongside the cable, which makes it possible to bend the cord. That will give you a better way to tuck those cables into the shape you need. If you wanted to, you could even wrap this around a couple of other cables to help out the ones that do not have the pipe cleaner inside.

Flexicord comes in several different types, to name a few, they offer USB, S-video, networking cables and HDMI. Of course, since these are special cords, they’ll cost a bit more than a normal cord would.

For $25, this is a good buy to help organize your PC wires and cables. It beats seeing wires entangled which at times could play a critical role as far as prolonging the computer connections reliability.