Gamer Extreme XI Launched

For the computer geeks that are looking for powerful PCs, look no further. CyberPower has unveiled its latest gaming desktop PC called Gamer Extreme XI to adhere towards the growing demand of higher computer specifications for games that are being sold in the market. Just check out these specs and drool with envy:

Powered by 4.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 quad-core processor, the system ensures its ability to play the most graphically intense computer games and high-end multimedia applications that includes HD video encoding or photo editing, retouching, and publishing


Now along with higher specs comes with higher prices. The Gamer Extreme XI has been priced at a hefty $4,939 and carries a three year warranty. To the avid gamer, it may be too much but idealistically, if you want something with promise these days, you have to really spend.

Some would turn to upgrading by part, but if you sum it all up in the end, you will be surprised at the total price which may even go over the suggested retail price of gaming PCs sold in bundles.

So why go through the trouble if you can get it all in one package. The gaming world is growing and so are the requirements. If you really want to enjoy trouble free gaming, look no further. The Gaming Extreme XI is there for you to own.