Glacier W200 Computers

Get a computer that you can put on your wrist. Possible? Yes it is thanks to Glacier’s W200 wrist computers. This technology is not surprising. We are at a stage where computers are getting compact and smaller by the day and apparently Glacier is leading the pack as far as miniature size is concerned.

Features of this futuristic device include a 3.5-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPS, a backlit keyboard, Linux or Windows CE and more. This is essentially a low-powered computer that can be literally strapped to you at just about all times. It also includes a motion sensor and an electronic compass, making it the perfect choice for those that like to go backpacking, or what have you.

As most concept devices, this is still not officially underway. But you can be sure that once the developers find a way to fit in and find the periperhals needed to make it tick, this device is going to be a hot commodity in the market. That is if ever it does gets done.