Google’s GDrive

Google has certainly been aggressive lately and now it looks like they have ventured out into the external drive business but online. Or at least that is what this GDrive is basically all about. The GDrive will allow users to save their data online and users will be able to access their data from any computer in the world.

The GDrive could also partially replace the physical hard disk that a user needs to select an operating system (OS) for usage — that is, after the initial booting. Google’s online hard drive will merge all of Google’s web based applications and make them available together.

In short, it is designed mainly for saving online data and being able to access it from any computer in the world. However, space restriction and reliability could be a user’s concern while depending on the Google servers to save their precious data.

Overall, it looks like any similar online storage option that is offered today. If there is any difference, it is perhaps because of the brand name, Google. Once the GDrive is launched this year, expect a lot of people trying it out, particularly the ones who have a lot of files online.

Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if this would be offered to people with Google accounts. The only question is would it be an add-on or free if you are an existing subscriber.