Google Android to Invade Laptops

Google Android is a free mobile OS that was originally developed for use on mobile devices. But while this may sound like this OS is mainly for miniature gadgets we are all paying much attention to, it seems that Google Android may soon find its way towards laptops and notebooks soon if Google finds a way to help the accidental OS to function normally under a notebook operating environment.

It does seem to be a good option considering that initial tests were done by two bloggers on how the Google Android can perhaps adhere towards the laptop setup.

Matthäus Krzykowski and Daniel Hartmann, posted the news on Thursday on the blog. They showed that they ported Google Android on a 1000H unit of the EEE PC series and that the operation took about four hours to complete.

The authors reported that Android is stable and has enough capabilities to make it a good operating system option for netbook manufacturers. The fact that the Android is open-source means that it offers virtually endless customizing and developing possibilities, just as Linux does today through its various distributions.

So if this is indeed a possibility, is Microsoft alarmed about it? For now maybe not but once Google finds a way to enhance the development of the Google Android to suit laptops (maybe even PCs), then perhaps a sense of urgency may be called for.

Google is certainly taking note of these developments and given their current manpower capable of getting the job done, it should not be surprising if they do indeed start checking out what they can do to cover these findings.