Google Chrome Being Preferred by PC Manufacturers

It looks like Google is buckling down and seriously trying to penetrate the software market via its new product installment, the Google Chrome. Today, most computers come installed with the usual Internet Explorer but manufacturers are seriously considering shifting towards the Google Chrome for a change.

Microsoft has dominated the PC market for some time now but a lot of factors right now may be pushing some PC manufacturers towards considering a change of pre-installed programs. Among them include the bugs that new Microsoft software has been bringing, making life miserable for vendors as well since they will be the immediate people tasked to help out people experiencing these problems like system and driver incompatibilities.

Google has been known to go all out and it is reportedly trying to cater to other platforms as well like Linux and Mac. It gives you an idea on how dead serious Google is as far as expanding its niche and that is focused a lot on the software business.

The company is pushing hard to get Chrome pre-installed on computers getting shipped directly from the factory. Big computer companies Dell, HP, Acer and Toshiba are reportedly thinking about ditching Internet Explorer and pre-packaging Chrome instead.