HongKong: The Country with Most PC Users

We are pretty much aware that people who use computers for personal or busiss are growing each day but did you know which city in Xinhua has the most number of personal computer users in their household? The answer is HongKong!

For years, HongKong has been known to have a high volume of digital users, using PCs for graphics designing or plainly surfing the web. Either the population for technology has grown or many old hands have been fascinated with the gift of the PC and what it can truly do for them. Whatever the reason is, the PC is growing in numbers, alongside the evolvement of other devices like notebooks and handheld devices.

About 4.2 million of people aged 10 and over, or 68.2 percent of all people in that age group, had used PCs at least once in the year before the survey, and 2.4 million people aged 10 and over, or 39.1 percent of that age group, had used online Government services to handle personal matters.

IT usage in the business sector has stabilized in recent years. The percentage of establishments using PCs was 63.1 percent in 2008, representing a marginal fall of 0.7 of a percentage point on a year earlier.

Thus combined, it should not be surprising if the use of PCs and the continuous evolvement of the technology racks in larger numbers. And from the looks of it, many other cities and countries for that matter will follow HongKong’s lead.