HP Desktops with Defective Nvidia Chips

Among the known desktops in the market that you may consider purchasing are the branded and new ones coming from Hewlett Packard. While we all know that branded computers are the way to go, they are not spared from potential problems such as defects. Apparently, HP has a current problem as it has announced that some of its desktops have defective Nvidia chips and while it was quietly set aside and limited to only a small number of 38 models of HP Pavillion Slimline desktops with the integrated graphics display.

Now don’t let this news be a means of degrading the level of quality that HP has had through the years. For one thing, it is Nvidia which has openly announced that there is indeed a problem with their specified product integrated with the HP Slimline, a hot commodity since many people today are looking into the new desktop designs offered by branded computer names like HP.

Defective chipsets are only natural and HP should be commended on making it public that such a defect exists. Besides, these are bound to be under warranty and while there may be inconveniences, the important thing is that they are aware and responsible enough to inform customers ahead of time rather than keeping mum on the issue rather than correct it.