Intel Core i7 to be Launched Soon

For people looking for more power than their traditional processors, here is something to watch out for. Intel has announced that it is set to unveil a new and powerful processor in the person of the Intel Core i7, focusing largely on companies and enterprise solutions that require high specs in their ever-growing need for systems and automation.

This will definitely be something to watch as most companies often look at the market for latest processors a step better than the traditional ones we have in the market today. Some have turned to dual processors to maintain their level of competency in computing but it will all reach one point where servers that have to be up and about for the requirements of most companies today have to be taken care of.

The hardware requirements for these servers and desktops are growing rapidly and a lot has to do with the level of technicality that most developed programs are coming out with. With new features, demands and reports required for business efficiency, this has been a recurring trend to which we can see occasional upgrades on the part of business and computer users.

Intel is all set to launch high-end desktops powered by the Intel Core i7 processor, next month. This was disclosed by Kirk B. Skaugen, Vice President, Digital Enterprise Group, General Manager, Server Platforms Group, in the Digital Enterprise Keynote: IA = Embedded + Dynamic, during the recently held Intel Developer Forum (IDF).