Is Your Software Authentic?

The undying hunt for pirated versions of Windows operating system is still in the air and apparently while affiliated hunters of illegal using Microsoft owners are out there, it still remains that there are still over a million of users who are thriving on pirated software. For one, the humongous amount to buy a license of Windows Products does not come cheap and may not be affordable. So while the efforts are there, you have to wonder Microsoft intends to go about it.

Apparently, one is to track them using the WGA or Windows Genuine Advantage. Under this new strategy, the screen will blackout and will continue to do so until a genuine copy of Windows is installed and validated. Quite a neat strategy but the thing is, how can you target the home owners?

One measure is through the automatic update where patches are downloaded and installed for Windows protection. But for the wise users, you can easily turn off the auto update option and still continue to use the said pirated Windows version. So how do you settle that?

Apparently you cannot just barge into any private home and ask them if you can check their computer and operating system. They can always say no and should you force it you will be charged for trespassing.

If it is aimed at companies, then perhaps they can whittle down the problem. But between corporate and home business users, surely the numbers will dwindle in count but not totally. Perhaps another strategy is in order.