Keyboard cleaning made simple

Your computer’s keyboard get easily dirty because of many factors. First of all, the accumulation of dust and dirt is a big culprit. Then there is food. Yes, food. A big majority of PC users love to eat in front of their PCs and inadvertently food can get in between the keys. This is most likely to happen if you love eating food that has crumbs or crumbles like toasted bread, chips and croutons. A dirty keyboard, if left uncleaned, will continue to accumulate dirt and dust until it reaches a point where it could actually affect the performance of the keyboard itself.Cleaning the actual keyboard can be quite a troublesome proposition because it is near impossible to get the dirt out without any kind of mechanical manipulation of the keyboard itself.

Here are a few steps that you can do to clean your keyboard:

* Turn off your computer and disconnect the keyboard from the CPU. Do not ever attempt to remove the keyboard while the computer is on as it may damage the computer.

* In order to remove any loose dirt from the keyboard simply turn it upside down and lightly shake the keyboard to dislodge dirt, crumbs and any kind of loose gunk that may have accumulated inside the keys.

* While still upside down you can use a can of compressed air in order to further dislodge any other dirt or pieces of rubbish inside the keys. Make sure that you are cleaning your keyboard in an area where you can easily clean up.

* If you are inclined to do so and you really want to clean your keyboard, you can remove all of the keys by prying them up gently. With all of the keys removed you can now thoroughly clean the keyboard.

* After cleaning the keys you can now replace them on the keyboard and plug it back to your PC.