Panda Software Heads Study for Child Internet Safety

One thing that most parents worry these days is the content that children can access on the web. Internet-related risks have been an issue for some time now and today, they have become worse, making it entirely disturbing since we are all aware how much the Internet has evolved and enticed practically anyone of all ages to go online.

On that note, Panda Security, a world leader in IT security, today announced that it is encouraging consumers to participate in a nationwide study that surveys parents and educators to better understand the evolving online behaviors of children and their families, and guarantee their safety against Internet-related risks.

“Internet-related risks are clearly on the rise, and children are especially vulnerable,” said Carlos Zevallos, security evangelist, Panda Security U.S.A. “Panda Security is dedicated to children’s safety, and we are taking strides to foster partnerships, promote educational programs and develop solutions that will keep kids and their families safe in the wake of escalating cyber threats. The results of this study will help us better understand what children and their parents are aware of with regard to taking online safety precautions, and we’re looking forward to learning from and sharing the results.”

Panda Security has been conducting the survey through private channels until now, and it will be open to parents and educators through March 13, 2009. Participants will be given a free 30-day trial of Internet Security 2009 for their contributions.