Recovering Accidentally Deleted Files

Recycle Bin

The very first place to look at when you accidentally delete a file, The Recycle Bin. Because Windows doesn’t actually delete the files but moves it to another folder which is The Recycle Bin. An added measure of protection from the accidental deletion of files provided by Windows OS’es.  As long as the file remains in the Recycle Bin, it can be recovered, or undeleted, restored to it’s previous location.
Files deleted from Windows Explorer are moved to the Recycle Bin. Files deleted by another application, are automaticaly deleted and if you accidentally overwrittena file, by saving new data to it, it cannot be recovered or restored because it’s not deleted and it did not go to the Recycle Bin.

Now when you empty your Recycle Bin it deletes the files it contained, and that means that the files are gone but is still recoverable but may need some added work and time to restore your accidentally deleted file.
System Restore

The System Restore a feature that has been a friend of my for years a very useful tool, especially when something goes wrong with my computer after installing an incompatible software, or my registry got corrupted in some ways while I’m doing registry hacks. the System Restore can also be used to restore previously, accidentally deleted files. Just restore to a time you know and remembered before the file deletion happened.

By restoring system files back to an earlier state it can be used to your advantage but it true intendion is to be used when a software update, installation or removal has an adverse effect on the system, and you want to roll things back to a point in time when everything worked.

If you have lost an important program or system file, System Restore may be able to help. But other files of types that you create, it won’t.

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