Rules for Safer Browsing

I was Reading MaximumPC, Here’s were I got some tips to guide you on a safer web browsing.

  1. On Email Attachments – DO NOT Open Email Attachments, don’t trust any email attachment you aren’t really expecting, Come on guys… Would you open an email coming from the Governor of Atlantis? So be careful when you open up attachments from some not in your mailing list.
  2. On Internet Browsers – For a more safer Browsing use Firefox, we can’t deny that lots of users use Internet Explorer 7, but heck for the sake of safety try using Firefox, because lots of angry people are after Microsoft.
  3. Trust No One – Everyone seems out to get you, so better trust no one as you’ll see hundreds of offers for free products, and you’re asking where they come from, dang.
  4. Pay Attention to URL’s – As you’ve all seen and experienced spam in some form or the other as though some some spam and websites originate form an official institution such as a bank or the government office of somewhere in Antarctic. Here’s an important Tip pay attention to the URLs.
  5. On Bad Spelling – If you can check almost all the spam emails or spammed comments that you received that they are spelled wrong so be careful it may see to cope orrespend to your needs, but it ain’t it’s spam, be careful.
  6. On Clicking and On Browsing – Be careful what you click and what websites you go in to. Some sites may offfer free downloads, but their zip files contain trojans and viruses whch are harmful to your PCs so be careful and be a critic at everything which is in the internet.

Hope this concludes our tutorial in safer web browsing for the time. So stay tuned for more.