Samsung NC20 Notebook Unveiled

Samsung is not really a major player in the world of notebooks but apparently this new development that they have released in the market is bound to get them noticed. Samsung has apparently come up with a 12.1 inch notebook to adopt VIA’s hot, hot Nano platform, announcing today the 12″, fat-batteried NC20.

The demand for laptops has evidently been growing. Most people are turning to mobile solutions to aid them in their daily needs, both personally and professionally. And with these added features that Samsung has infused in their new line of laptops, don’t be surprised if people suddenly demand for them despite the price that many are expecting to hit the roof.

Catered to a niche well above its 10″, Atom-powered NC10 stablemate, the NC20 is has decidedly un-netbooklike specs. Aside from the 1.3GHz VIA Nano ULV U2250 processor and the choice of XP Home (wise!), the list is straight laptop: 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD (with an SSD option), a generously resolved 1280X800 LCD, a 6-cell battery that promises more than 6.5 hours of operation and an uncompromised set of ports, adapters and inbuilt accessories. No price has been announced yet, and therein lies the rub: it’s almost certainly going to be expensive.