Seagate Unveils 80-gigabyte Intel X25-M SATA Hard Disk

With the advent of better and efficient hard disks on the rise, PC geeks are now in for a treat as Seagate Technologies has unveiled a new 80 gigabyte hard disk that comes with higher performance specifications and makes swapping drives easy. For most PC owners, hard disks have a limit as far as usable life is concerned. While we now see the 160 gigabyte hard disks in the market, the new 80-gigabyte Intel X25-M SATA offers half the storage but with more reliable speed and flexibility.

The best part of it is that you can use it on a laptop or a desktop. The interface is similar to most, using an USB interface where you can copy and safeguard your data if you are worried about your hard disk crashing at any moment. So while others are still using the traditional optical storage drives or larger capacity flash drives, why bother to limit yourself if you can get an efficient hard drive that can store your files and documents handily?

The Intel drive is expensive — about $540 online — but comes with higher performance specifications and a three-year warranty. Solid-state drives are obviously an expanding niche in the world of laptop computers. The explosion of digital data is so overwhelming that even if our notebook disks become smaller, we will still have to keep our data somewhere.

So if you are looking to buy a new hard drive, hold on a bit. This may be expensive but it is sure to answer all your data storage needs.