The Cable Spaghetti


One of the most ubiquitous sights in a computer owner’s desk are the unsightly mass of cables that can be seem at the back of the computer table. This mass of wires has actually been given a very descriptive term – cable spaghetti (or sometimes as plastic spaghetti or the more mundane cable clutter).A cable spaghetti is usually the result of a growing number of devices in your computer system that are interconnected by various cables. Imagine a computer system that has a monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner, speakers (5.1 at that!), LAN cable (or modem cable), among others, connected to the CPU. And then consider that most of these devices have their own dedicated power supplies with their own separate cables snaking to the power strip and you have yourself the recipe for cable spaghetti. Aside from the obvious mess that it brings (you will never be able to sweep or clean the floor where the cables lay in) this unruly array of cables can actually cause problems with audio and video quality because of the electromagnetic effects with the other cables.

Cable spaghetti can actually be reduced or even totally eliminated if you would just remember the cables when setting up your system. Think of a well designed cable management system even before you set your computer up. This is a time consuming process and is mainly the reason why so many computer owners even bother to manage their cables or why they stop attempting it. But cable management is worth the time and effort because it a well managed cable system will allow you to change, add and remove peripherals more easily.