The Dreaded Conficker Worm

The business world is in a frenzy right now and it is all due to one irritating worm, the Conficker. To date, it has infected close to 9 million computers and growing. The said worm can spread in three ways:

First, it attacks a vulnerability in the Microsoft Server service. Computers without the October patch can be remotely attacked and taken over.

Second, Conficker can attempt to guess or ‘brute force’ Administrator passwords used by local networks and spread through network shares.

And third, the worm infects removable devices and network shares with an autorun file that executes as soon as a USB drive or other infected device is connected to a victim PC.

Businesses are obviously the main prey considering that offices make use of networks to do their dirty work. However, home-based computers are not completely off the hook. Issues surrounding having a firewall and having properly safeguarding software can still be breached.

Hence, it is all about patching the loopholes. Be careful of the gadgets you plug-in and be wary of the connections you have like accessing the web. These are the spots where it can come from and to make sure, just do the necessary so you don’t end up being infected as well.

Disable the Autorun so that a PC won’t suffer automatic attack from an infected USB drive or other removable media when it’s connected.