The Stinger 553 Desktop Dynamo

Small-form factor PCs are coming out these days and the Stinger 553 desktop is a clear example of how these things look. Obviously meant to save on space from the traditional CPU ATX tower casings, the Stinger is something that anyone would want in place of them.

As far as internal components are concerned, the stinger has a list of features that many may find familiar. This includes:

• 1x 1GE-LAN
• 8x USB 2.0 ports
• 4x SATA
• 2x RS-232 Serial Ports
• VGA Video
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• PCI Express and USB interfaces

No word on price, but mil spec anything is rarely cheap, there is an SSD and an aluminum alloy chassis to make matters even more expensive. However, for your money you are getting a tiny computer that will work under almost any conditions that can be thrust upon it without making a sound as there are no moving parts. I want one, badly, this has XP Ninja Mk II written all over it.

Certainly this type of small-form factor PC cases provide us a glimpse of the future. This is certainly something many would really find worthy to have soon.


1 thought on “The Stinger 553 Desktop Dynamo”

  1. Very neat product idea, but too bad it is purely “Vaporware.” A colleague of mine called Colmek this week to find out about availability, and they claimed the product is a built-to-order concept, not a COTS product available off the shelf yet. The Intel Atom CPU board isn’t even in production yet. They seem to be fishing for a customer to fund an NRE project.

    A scary observation I found on the Colmek Website — I noticed that they plagiarized the MIL-STD rugged switch and mobile router products made by a competitor I am familiar with, Parvus ( Colmek literally cut and paste the product descriptions for the DuraMAR and DuraNET products, tweaked the brand names a little and posted a mock-up of a different CAD rendering to suggest it’s their own idea. Who are these guys fooling? Wasn’t Colmek in bankupcy just last year? I guess when you’re out of money, you resort to these sort of shady marketing tactics. Pretty low.

    I wonder if Parvus intends to offer an Atom-based mission computer in their DuraCOR product family? Anyone know about GE Fanuc or Curtiss Wright?

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