Turn Off Your XP Updates

Unless you are sure that your copy of Microsoft’s Operating System is genuine, you are best off turning those automatic updates off. Microsoft is serious in cracking down the pirated versions of their famous Windows XP and they have done this via the update service that normally comes with the operating system for patches.

This time around, once the Windows XP software has been found to be pirated, your computer will go completely black, rendering your computer useless. Now that is not a dirty way to deprive a computer owner of updates. In fact, it puts an end to “stealing” since why get something free as updates for a software that is pirated in the first place?

Depending on your stand, it would be best to avoid the updates if you are unsure of the validity of your Windows operating software. This is not really to warn Windows users on the use of pirated versions but merely informing you that your days of using these pirated operating systems are numbered.

We have heard this news sent out before. And while we may be looking for ways to avoid paying for an authentic copy of operating systems, bear in mind as well that Microsoft has stopped manufacturing and selling the Windows XP OS.

The new operating system in the market today is the Windows Vista. And while some hate it for now, better get used to it since you are really left with little options as far as operating system performance.