Unbranding your Browser

Surfing the net can be a lot of fun. There are so many informative and entertaining sites that you can visit and discovering new websites that cater to your needs or passions is always a thrill.Unfortunately, the internet is like a jungle – there are many sights and sounds that will entertain you and awe you but it can also be dangerous with its own sets of dangers that can creep up on you if you are not aware of it.

There are spywares and malware and Trojans and viruses. There are just so many things that can affect your computer. One annoyance that sometimes happens is when you inadvertently visit a certain website and then discover that some unscrupulous programmer did something to your browser that resulted in you now getting a company’s brand on the title bar of every page that you visit. This is the height of annoyance and this has happened to me a number of times to.

There is an easy way to fix this problem though. Just follow these simple steps:

* For those who do not want to tinker deep into Windows or for those who are not so computer savvy they can use ISPUnbrand. This is a very simple utility you can use to remove that forced branding. The utility is completely free and can be found at windowsxp.mvps.org/utils/ISPUnbrand.zip

For PC users who are more comfortable with using Windows this is what you should do:

* Type Rundll32ledkCS32.dll, BranCleanInstallStubs on the Run dialog that is located in the Start menu *After typing the command press Enter * Now return to the Run dialog in the Start menu and type Rundll32ledkCS32.dll, Clear *Now turn off the computer and reboot it. If you did this correctly the branding in the browser will be removed when you fire up your computer again.