Unlocking Bartons

cpu6bz.jpgAs I am still saving up for my next computer upgrade (still debating over the more expensive but very fast Intel Core Duo or the more budget friendly AMD M2’s), I have to content myself with my two year old and ever trusty AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton Core. The reason I bought this particular processor (and at one time I had two desktops running the same processors) was mainly because of the good reviews it received as well as the sterling commendations it got from PC enthusiasts. The main point of the accolades came from the fact that the Barton Core was very overclocking friendly. Overclocking specialists say that it is easy to overclock the Bartons and that the procedure in order to make the Barton core processors overclockable are very easy to follow.I have read many forums in so many websites that extol the virtues of the Barton core. One of the most compelling reasons I have read for recommending a Barton at that time was that for the price you pay for a Barton you can overclock it to speeds that at that time were in the domain of the higher end processors that were expensive. Good enough reason to buy, right?

This week, I just encountered this thread about the Barton mobile processor. This particular thread was discussing how to unlock the higher multipliers of the Barton mobile. It’s a fairly old thread but it clearly shows you how it easy it is to unlock Bartons. Neophyte overclockers or those who want to get into the hobby could possibly by an old Barton and play with it using the information found on the thread.