What do You Get from Hacking a Computer?

This has got to be something that goes on in the mind of any computer expert these days. Just what do hackers get when they successfully hack a computer of another person? For most it can be one of the following:

  1. Fame
  2. Personal Accomplishment
  3. Revenge
  4. Knowledge

Of these four, it is pretty obvious that people have nothing better to do than prove that they are more than just computer geeks. Hacking is not easy. We can find a lot of articles on the web on how we can possibly hack a computer and some of them are indeed useful. But for most, hacking is nothing if you are a hacker who does not aim to intrude the big boys, meaning the large companies who have valuable information needed for their everyday business.

This is not to entice people to take up hacking and become one of the many people who are seriously trying to master this field. But the thing is most technology experts are after fame and satisfaction of that itching question on “What is Hacking?”

Indeed, it does sound crazy and you have nothing really to prove when you try to show off and let the world know that you are a certified hacker. This includes even the simplest form of hacking like getting into another computer unauthorized. But the fact remains that hacker is disliked by the majority. With that in mind, would you want to be included in that elite circle? I doubt if most people will.