What Would you do with a 640 Gigabyte Hard Disk?

For some, the larger the storage, the better it is for them. This means more files and the luxury of storing large files like audio and video files can be accommodated. One thing that people have noticed these days is that the usual 40 to 160 gigabyte hard disks don’t last long. Attribute this to the fact that people have gone crazy placing or downloading videos into their computer, not wanting to burn them for fear that they may be damaged once they are transferred to the usual optical drives.

With that said, Verbatim has introduced a 640 gigabyte hard disk into the market. Wow! That is times 4 of the last maximum hard disk of 160 gigabyte and it makes you wonder on what to put in it. Imagine the number of videos you can place there. Indeed it does sound like a good development but do remember, maintenance may be an issue later on.

One thing about large storage is that if you don’t take care of them, they may crash and leave you weeping in tears with all the files you have in them. 160 gigabyte hard disks are hard enough so what the more if you use this 640 gigabyte hard disk? It will take longer to defragment (assuming you are the type who optimizes hard disk with disk defragmenter), and perhaps be harder to backup due to the large size.

With that said, is it good or bad? Depending on your use, you just have to consider if it is indeed still feasible to purchase.