When will Microsoft REALLY Stop Windows XP Distribution?

If you are a long-time Windows XP user, you have to wonder when the sales for this Microsoft operating software will cease to be sold. The last we heard was that Windows XP will stop selling by June but apparently thanks to the Netbook, there seems to be an extension of sorts. This desktop PC from Microsoft is set to come out this August and if that should happen, how can Microsoft stop production if they are offering a desktop PC that runs only with Windows XP?

Everything is geared towards pushing all Microsoft users to shift to their new OS, the Microsoft Vista. If you look at it, this new installment is applicable only to new computers with higher specs. For old PC users, you will notice that the preference is still the Windows XP series since other than using up lesser resources, they cannot afford to upgrade to the new PCs in the market today and just because Microsoft say so, it does not follow that they should buy new hardware as well.

Add to the fact that people will make do with what they have. They still have their original CDs (assuming they are licensed) and with that, you have to understand that shifting to the new OS may not be among their priorities. Microsoft may have Netbooks but apparently closing down the Windows XP will have to wait. We just have to look at the past on how they phased out Windows 95 and Windows 98. Evidently, Windows XP will be among that group.