Why Force Consumers to Use Windows Vista?

Other than being one of the most sought after software today, Microsoft is indirectly commanding is to operate according to their wants. This obviously stems from the fact that most people today would be wise to use a Windows Vista since Windows XP will no longer be in the market if you need to reformat or buy a new PC.

But it gets better. Along with this notion comes the understanding the your PC has to be the latest in the market. Banking on the old ones may get you into problems such as slower computing and eventually banging your head on the wall because your PC is so slow. We all know that people want speed when they work or use their PC and apparently if you put both these developments together, you need to be wise in spending and buying your next computer station.

For most it may seem unfair. Being forced to upgrade your hardware and software is something that not all people can easily do. For one thing, thanks to the contribution of the economic crisis, any average consumer would want to save as much as possible.

In short, computer upgrades are common for companies or people who are techie. But if you talk about the average consumer, this is really a problem. There is an alternative however. You can always look for the fly by night vendor and ask if they have a Windows XP in stock. If not, well, you just have to deal with current trends as dictated by Microsoft and the technology market.