Windows 7 Trials Released

In a move that has been christened to save the face of the mess that Windows Vista has left, Windows 7 has been pre-released for trial to some programmers before its actual release in the market within the year. Windows Vista has gotten nothing but negative reviews and apparently Microsoft wants to erase that notion by improving the new Windows 7 as much as possible.

The pre-release is actually a tactic to get the initial feedbacks from the computer geeks themselves. They are the best option to solicit the possible problems that Windows 7 has right now, learning their lesson well from the debacle that Vista has created.

Windows 7, which analysts say is a streamlined version of Vista, is expected to play nicely with most of the computers in the market. That should make the software an easier sell as the sour economy leaves companies and consumers less inclined to replace computers.

Indeed, if the Windows 7 lives up to the expectations and makes use of the flaws that Vista obviously showed, then perhaps consumer confidence on the new Microsoft operating software can be established. There are a lot of disappointed computer users out there and Microsoft has to start somewhere if they want to once again win their approval for the best operating software to be used today.