Dell Releases Eco-Friendly Mini Desktop

Eco-Friendly Mini Desktop Pc ‘Studio Hybrid

Here is something that is sure to get the attention of people who want unique PCs that also have a touch of eco-friendliness tagged alongside them. PC manufacturer Dell has reportedly unveiled the Eco-Friendly Mini Desktop PC Studio Hybrid which has a bamboo-clad concept as well.

Dell is release Eco-Friendly Mini Desktop Pc ‘Studio Hybrid. Designed with a bamboo-clad concept, the Studio Hybrid comes in six different colors. Measuring 72×211×197mm at 1.8kg, the Studio Hybrid is powered by Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 processor, Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium, up to 4GB of RAM and 320GB HDD. It also supports WiFi, five USB ports and HDMI/DVI ports.


With these specs on hand, any person looking for a great PC to invest in that is likewise different from the traditional ones in the market would be happy to get one of these. A good addition to the home-based people who love to do most of their computer work at home, all you have to do is choose the color and do some computing.

Not a bad deal for people looking for a new PC and contributing to essential green awareness that can be heard anywhere to clean up their act as far as carbon footprints are concerned.