Defragmenting your Hard Drive


As a PC owner, it is your responsibility to take care of the precious (and likely expensive) hardware that you have bought. Taking care of it not only means wiping dust off the CPU case and on the monitor. You also need to do periodic maintenance on important parts of your PC. One of these very important tasks is to defragment your hard drive.Why is there a need to defragment the hard drive? Well to answer that, we must first explain what happens in a hard drive. When a computer uses a file or files it puts them into various parts of the hard drive. If a certain file is too big to fit in a particularly space then it is cut into many pieces and placed in different places all over the hard drive. As your hard drive becomes filled with more and more disjointed files it gets longer and longer for the computer to find the files that you need. The process of defragmentation will organize the files so that it will be able locate any file more easily.

When defragmenting you should really schedule enough time for this particular chore because it really takes a lot of time to defragment drives especially now when the capacity of hard drives have really dramatically increased.

When defragmenting your hard drive with a disk defragmenter program always remember not to use your computer when the actual process is being performed. Defragmentation is a time intensive process so it would really be best if you allocate a schedule when you will not be using your computer. If you religiously maintain your hard drive by defragmenting frequently, then the processing time of the hard drive will also be lessened because the level of fragmentation is kept low.