Speed up your hard drive the cost effective way

hard drive

Most casual computer users do not know this but keeping a “clean” hard drive is the most cost effective and easiest way of speeding up their computer. By optimizing their hard drive, seek times are cut short resulting in a more robust computer system. Don’t you think that it is harder to find what you are looking for in a file cabinet that is full of junk and unimportant or unnecessary files? That is the same case with hard drives. The CPU has a harder time accessing the files that it needs if there are so much junk in a hard drive. As a big improvement to your system’s performance you should remove all of the files that are obsolete or you do not need anymore. It will not only speed up your system it will also free up valuable disk space.One of the first things you should do when spring cleaning your hard drive is to look at your applications and documents. First, open System Tools and use Disk Cleanup to remove the unwanted files in your hard drive. You should then open all of your document folders and delete all of the documents that you do not need anymore. If you have important documents that you want to keep but will not access that often, copy it in a diskette or burn it to a CD or DVD, then delete the files from your hard drive after you’ve made the back-up.

You should then uninstall all of the unwanted applications in your system. Use a good uninstaller program to more thoroughly remove all of the program components from your system.