Have the AMD Chips Become Reliable?

Dating back to the years when AMD hit the market to serve an alternative processor for people who are wary of high-priced Intel or Celeron processors, it has really been surprising how this alternative processor is making waves in the market today. In fact, I remember one of the key problems that it was overheating, making it advisable to have auxiliary fans to go when you buy a CPU.

Years after this issue was announced, rumor has it that these problems were resolved. In fact, a user no longer needs the traditional auxiliary fans to make sure that proper ventilation will be around and to ensure that no chips will be fried. You can just imagine the problem it had then upon first boot. The chip is practically so hot you might even get a burn from trying to touch it. Then again, if you are not the seasoned PC technician, I don’t think you would dare touch it!

Today, aside from the much ballyhooed eco-friendly chips that they are tagging along to make it marketable, I still have my reservations as far as reliability is concerned. The ability of the AMD chip to provide the necessary support that normal computer processes would normally require.

But so far, the feedback on the demand for it is at a standstill. There is no telling if AMD technology has indeed grown beyond the overheating era. Surely there has been improvement but it may go as far as checking out your heat sink to see if there has been improvements to this line of processors.