THE CPU: Cleaning it

CPU Dolly.jpg

One integral part of maintaining your computer is cleaning it periodically. And I do not mean wiping the monitors and the case with a rag to remove lint and dirt. I am referring to actually cleaning the inside of your CPU unit.Because of the fans that are used in order to keep your CPU unit cool, it is a certainty that dirt would get into the insides of the PC. The dust that accumulates on your PC can have a detrimental effect on the components inside so you should clean it periodically.

Here is how you should do it.

1. shut down the computer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

2. Open the case

3. Remove all of the components. Take out the various cards attached to the mobo, like the video card, soundcard, LAN card, and modem (if you are still using one).

4. You should then disassemble the case if it is possible. Remove the components attached to the case like the fans

5. Take out the PSU and open it up. Do the same thing for the CD-ROM drives and the floppy disk drives (if you are still using them).

6. Vacuum all of the components and make sure that you remove all of the dirt

7. Wash all of the pieces of plastic or metal that can be submerged in water. If you want, after you have cleaned and dried these components, you can elect to paint them to make them look like new and also make a glossier finish to which dust can be removed more easily.

8. Sleeve all of the wires on the inside (from the wires of the PSU, the various cables connecting components to the motherboard) and make sure that these do not block airflow.

9. Reassemble your CPU.